Download now: Frozen Throne (Version 2.26)

Download now: Classic (Version 1.22)

Download now: OPEN Frozen Throne (Open Version)

Last updated: 10/16/05

Version 2.27 of Keys of Sealing's Frozen Throne version is now uploaded with many Hero changes, which include:

  • Warlord of Blood is now a Strength Hero, and has the Transfer Mana to Health ability by default
  • Goblin Alchemist replaced by the Black Rose Knight (an older Hero), who has Annihilation Ward as an Ultimate
  • Pandaren Brawler replaced by the Caped Crusader, a Hero with 'item-based' abilities
  • Firelord replaced by the Sniper
  • Master Sheep has Flying Sheep Ultimate instead of Watcher Ward/Phoenix
  • Blood Mage is now the Mana Vampire, with the skills Arcane Missiles, Siphon Mana, Spell Steal, and Mana Flare
  • Shadow Hunter now has Mind Flay and Shadow Form
  • Spirit Walker now has Healing Wave, and Wolf Lord has Heal Bomb
  • Pandaren Slasher has Stampede, and Pirate Captain has Fleet Bombardment
  • Ghost now has Pulse Cannon and Wind Walk
  • Blademaster has Max Shockwave Ultimate instead of Illusion Dance
  • Night Stalker now has Rain of Blades
  • Flame Snapper has Incineration again
  • Demolisher now has Cluster Bomb, Demolish, and Goblin Land Mind Ultimate
  • Priestess of Death has Freeze Cracker instead of Torch
  • Soul Warden has a new Vengeance Ultimate which is a transformation rather than a summon
  • Debilitator now has Chain Frost, Molasses Jug, and Feeblemind
  • Saboteur now has the Weapon Breaker Ultimate
  • Tortured Soul and Mana Vampire's Mana Flare now deals more damage and grants more armor
  • Bone Collector's Mass Animation skeletons gain Corruption attacks
  • The damage of Shock Bolt, Strike Ship, Panda Bowl, and Frost Bolt is reduced

Last updated: 10/08/05

Version 2.26 of Keys of Sealing's Frozen Throne version is now uploaded with long-needed balance fixes.

Last updated: 6/26/04

The Classic version of the map is uploaded.

Last updated: 5/27/04

The map is now Open. Feel free to edit it, copy the triggers, copy the spells, but don't go telling people it's your map.

The three Keys of Sealing are thought to contain the powerful magic of the Book of Sealings. Legend states that the Book of Sealings contains a powerful ritual that can create mass genocide. To that end, two factions, the Silver Blades and the Dread Legion, are seeking to collect the three keys in order to wipe out their enemies once and for all. Powerful generals lead vicious armies to find the keys in order to claim the Book of Sealing for their own.

  • Over 40 Heroes to choose from
  • Over 100 custom spells
  • Aeon of Strife-style gameplay
  • Control points to secure the advantage for your army
  • Capture-the-flag style gameplay
  • Even if your base is destroyed, you can still win
  • Hidden items with powerful artifacts of war
  • Two side areas which, if tackled, can improve your Heroes
  • Declare yourself! Strike fear in the hearts of your enemies.
  • Computer Heroes will try to commence the Summoning themselves!