War of the Tribes

A Post-Brood War Campaign by Gabriel Sorrel

"With the definitive Zerg victory in the orbit of Char the Human and Protoss forces are sent fleeing from Kerrigan's broods, the now undesputed ruler of the entire sector. Returning to Shakuras withs plans on preparing the Protoss for the unevitable Zerg assault Artanis and the Executor find their people consumed in a brutal civil war rivaling the bloodshed of the Aeon of Strife. With Zeratul missing and outcasts to their own tribes the Executor's fleet begins a journey to reunite the warring tribes and discover the dark intentions of Duran and his unknown masters, who may be a greater danger than the Zerg ever were."

War of the Tribes was released in the spring of 1999 at Starcraft Legacy and was acclaimed for its immersing story, graphical innovations, and difficult (only slightly ^_^) gameplay. The story, for which most of its fame is due, was a continuation of the Starcraft: Broodwar storyline and meant as an introduction to the fourth race prophesized in the end of Brood Wars. While War of the Tribes itself was completed, like many of the great stories in campaigns a sequel was never produced to end its tale. WotT was also more than blessed to have the help of the then unknown artist/animator Joel Steudler. With his help WotT was the first campaign to have its own movie, as well as a handfull of brand new portraits. These are considerably dated now compared to his newest work, but the work done for WotT was Joel's first mark in the Starcraft community and his first step towards becoming the well known member of the community he is today.

War of the Tribes is packaged into a single zip file containing the map files and the custom MPQ file. The maps must be placed in the 'maps' directory of Starcraft and the mpq file in the main directory (renamed as 'patch_rt.mpq' for the PC). WotT is completely compatible for Macs, and a .sit file can be found at Macs Custom Lair. Also available is the intro movie created by Joel as an exe file.

Download War of the Tribes Here (8.54mbs)

Download the WotT Intro Movie (14.2 mbs)