The Gallantry

An Original Starcraft Campaign
Created by:
Joel Steudler



"Our people are fortunate, having been spared the worst of the war's ravages. But the galaxy is vast and mostly uncharted, and the Koprulu Sector is not the only source from which a threat may come...  the Zerg have shown us that. In order to be prepared for the next great challenge, we have launched the DSS Gallantry and her crew -they are the finest Dorasida, and indeed, Humanity, has to offer..."
 - Admiral Rick Marsel, Dorasidan High Command

The Gallantry Introduction - The story behind the creation of the Gallantry - her purpose is clear. Learn the story here.

Character Roster - A ship is nothing without her crew. Read about the intrepid crew of the Gallantry, as well as some other, less savory characters they'll encounter.

From the Desk of Xavier - A column updated weekly by Team 2's project leader, Xavier.

Meet Team 2 - Meet the real crew of the Gallantry. This section contains bios of all the people who make this campaign possible. A complete list of the vocal cast for each episode is also available here.

The Gallantry Design Journal - Updated about once a week with several pages detailing work and progress on the latest episode, including concept art, production notes from crew members, and much more.

Downloads - All campaign media, preview files, and finished episodes are available for download in this section. Installation/play instructions are also here.

Miscellaneous - Everything that doesn't fit in the other pages is in here. A sneak peek of the newest episode, for example.

Next Episode Release Date: Project On Hold Indefinitely.