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Dedicated to Wing Commander-- the game that changed everything, and
to its creator, Chris Roberts.

A Vision of the Future

The wicked Cerebrate Zargil attempted to alter the future of the Zerg Swarm by securing the Terrans' past. To that end he captured Judicator Chaladar in order to create a new timeline. However, the Protoss and Zerg of his time, along with the Terrans of the past, managed to thwart Zargil and his brood, and erase his timeline. It was an example of cooperation unparalleled in history.

Unfortunately, only three remember that even occurring: Prelate Ziktofel of the Dark Templar, Judicator Chaladar, and the Hunter, Xaax the Defiler. They would lay the foundation of a future alliance between Protoss and Zerg, but such a path is not without its peril.


A Black Dream

In the wake of that climatic battle a new peace was to be formed between the Protoss of Shakuras and the Zerg of Kodulas, but it was not to be; the corrupted Judicator Arestes of the Shelak Tribe, and member of the New Conclave, manipulated events that would dissolve the alliance before it could begin. He maneuvered his pawn Kabala into starting a great war using the power of the Zeji Cloning Cylinders-- artifacts of a civilization ancient when the Protoss were young.

However, the threat of Zeji Cloning Cylinders was countered by the Scantid Fleet, and their Black Dream, a powerful symbol of cooperation of all three races waging war in the Koprulu Sector. Kabala revealed that it was he who manipulated Arestes from the beginning, and it took the sacrifice of two great heroes, Urust and Asakiro, to end the madness, once and for all.

With Kabala's apparent death and Arestes' flight the alliance formed behind the Black Dream fell into shambles, forcing the handful of heroes and the Scantid Fleet back into exile. They continue to sail among the stars, hoping for the day when the three races can cooperate without the need of a dangerous symbol as the Black Dream.


A Dark Prophecy

Xaax the Defiler retains possession of the Remains of the Overmind, the last key artifact necessary for the Zerg Swarm to reincarnate the physical form of their master. Seeing the Black Dream as his opportunity to break away from his Cerebrate masters Xaax deserts his post, but it is not long before Zerg agents are sent to hunt him down and retrieve the Remains of the Overmind. The rogue Defiler feels his power growing within, as the Remains slowly awaken themselves....

Beyond the reaches of the Koprulu Sector, Kabala emerges from the darkness once more, and a dark experiment is underway that may decide the fate of the Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg, forever. His eternal hunt to find and destroy Arestes, the last pawn in his grand scheme, is about to take a turn for the worst.

Months passed since the Black Dream disappeared into exile after the final battle at Valis IV, and a new legend is about to be born....

Reflective Notes

The Zeji Imperium's warships are actually ships and structures used by the 'Nephilim' in Wing Commander: Prophecy. The title itself is a sort of homage to that same game, as well as deals with the subject of this story. I forgot to note who did it, but thanks to whoever extracted the ship models; seeing them available inspiried me to create this campaign, and finally create a worthy opponent for the Black Dream. Special thanks to Wing Commander CIC, as the source of these files, as well as reference to the ships themselves.


-- Razorclaw X