WARNING: This summary contains (major) spoilers to the New Avalon RPG scenario.

New Avalon was my first "real" project that I embarked on (completed August '98). Sure, it was really the only second set of SCM's I had ever made, but at the time (and to some people even now) they seemed pretty remarkable. I still receive some good (and even strangely astonishing) reviews of it from visitors who happen to find it hidden in places like's billion-map archive. =) You can find a downloadable copy of the original here.

Now to commense with the summary. New Avalon is the name of a small fringe world on the out skirts of the (long) fallen Terran Confederacy. After aiding Tassadar to defeat the Overmind, Jim Raynor went in search of allies to fight Mengsk's Dominion -- only to stumble upon, and crash on this desolete planet.

First contact was with a ghost named Sara Reown and her stubborn father, General Turan Reown. Largely unaware of recent galactic events, their base camp still was holding their ground against several Protoss encampments -- though desperate to get off the planet, where Zerg still ran rampant.

After General Reown was convinced to seek the Protoss' aid, the group went in seach of a ship that had rumored to be in the process of production by the Protoss. What they discovered was a ruined Protoss encampment and a Zealot called Xan. Relieved to receive aid against the Zerg that were beseiging the camp, he joined the group -- and revealed a more troubling situation than had been thought. Recently, the Protoss had discovered that one of their High Templars had been "infested" by a Zerg contagion. While under going treatment, the templar, Seraph, disappeared. Now, Xan explained, it seemed that Seraph had turned against them, destroying their vessel and draining the planet of its very energy.

After a furthering of the alliance between the Terran and the Protoss camps on New Avalon, the group decided to take one last shot at escape. The party recovered a starport from a small Terran camp which had been over run by Zerg. However, while they discovered a functional cruiser within the wreakage, Seraph made her first appearance -- and destroyed the ship along with the unleashing of a wave of Zerg seemingly under her control against the camps.

Turan and Xan led a detachment of soldiers to fend off the swarm, but it was realized that only a disruption of the Zerg's energies would halt the assault. Thus, Jim Raynor and Sara Reown made head way to a cave that was central to the planet's core, which Seraph seemed to be drawing energy from. Using a Psi Emmiter to draw Zerg forces in, Sara set up for a nuclear detonation from within the cave -- suddenly, she was ambushed by Zerg. With no escape and only the goal of stopping the swarm left, she detonated the bomb.

New resolve came from the event in combination from another High Templar the party discovered amidst the Zerg colonies -- Seraph's mentor, Aeron. Still sharing a psionic link with the corrupted templar, Aeron explained that Seraph was some how controlling the Zerg on the planet, forming a psionic collective with the creatures much like an Overmind or Cerebrate. However, the detonation in the central cave dampened Seraph's energies, giving the party hope that they could recover -- or destroy Seraph.

While preparing for the trek deep into Seraph's lair -- an abondoned underground Terran facility -- the group encountered a seemingly illusory figure, a Light Archon. As much in touch with New Avalon's celestial importance as with Sara's death, the Light Archon gave the party a chance to return Sara to "this side of the spetrum" or back to life from death. The party hastily recovered the artifacts requested and the Archon delivered as promised. Sara was back with the group.

Venturing into the heart of Seraph's lair, the party discovered another quisi-fictional character who claimed to have been entraped in the underground facility by Seraph. The Poet, as he called himself, would give himself to the aid of the party when needed -- but again went into the shadows.

And so Raynor, Sara, Turan, Xan, and Aeron approached the place of hibernation, and Seraph alone awaited their arrival...

And there you have it. That's my quick little summary of my very first real project. =) If you would like to download New Avalon, you can get it from my SCM Creations site. Although unintentional originally, you will see many interconnections and revelations between New Avalon, New Avalon II, and this explaination of it (purposely linking Seraph with the Hybirds and Duran, in addition to the "mythical" charaters with the "alternate universe").

Have fun with New Avalon Arena.

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