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Life of a Marine
Chapter 1:
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Chapter 2:
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Chapter 3:
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Chapter 4:
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Chapter 5:
Twenty-Two Point Three
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Chapter 6:
Shadow's Grave
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Chapter 7:
Death of Innocence
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Requiem for a Ghost (included with Chapter 7)

Life of a Marine: Bootcamp
Before the rise of the Dominion, a man named Jack Sherall volunteered for a small rebel
group named the Sons of Korhal. Bootcamp, a 4-map prequel campaign to Life of a Marine,
tells the story of how Jack Sherall came into military service and met friends Craig Skillen,
Katherine Logal, and Vertigo, all during the timeframe of Rebel Yell.

Chapters 1 through 4    regular (18.32 mb)

Life of a Marine
"Unless you want to learn the joys of removing
a bullet from your ass, why don't you just cut
the crap and let us through?" JACK SHERAlL