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Created by Gemini

Featured on PC Gamer.
PC Gamer
August 2007 Issue

PC Gamer Review: Journey to the Zerg-infested Koprulu Sector with Terran Dominion Marine Lieutenant Jack Sherall in Life of a Marine. Character development is the highlight of this seven-chapter campaign, as Sherall and his jarhead buddies, such as the enigmatic Vertigo and the chip-on-his-shoulder Cyanide, are handled as if they were in a war flick. Even while the focus remains on pure RTS action, and the quick pace means that you can zip through the maps in just a few hours, an "RPG lite" atmosphere makes you cringe every time a Zerg gets close to one of your grunts.

Life of a Marine
"Unless you want to learn the joys of removing
a bullet from your ass, why don't you just cut
the crap and let us through?" JACK SHERAlL