Legacy of the Confederation Episode II - Related Media

These downloads are miscellaneous additions that will enhance your LOTC experience, or just are fun to have. They are not necessary to play the campaign.

LOTC2 Movie Still Shots - Take a peak at the unbelievable LotC Full Motion Video.

Admiral Ra'Chek's Last Moment of Introspective Solitude
Ra'Chek's Office

The Confederation Renegade Armada In Orbit of Char

ConFed Renegade Armada

Close-Up of the CFS Saratoga's Barracuda Anti-Matter Projectors
Saratoga Close-Up

The movie is 46 megs and plays for 3 minutes and 36 seconds.  It has completely original stereo surround sound effects, a rousing score, and will take your breath away.  Ra'Chek said at the end of Chapter 18 "The Zerg tempted fate...now fate will show its hand..."  Prepare to watch destiny unfold.  Download the movie today!

LOTC2 Wall Paper - More new goodies from Joel.

LOTC2 Wall Paper (0.5 MB) [optional media] DOWNLOAD

LOTC2 Smacker Teaser - A preview of what's to come in the full length FMV created by our very own Joel Steudler.

LOTC2 Smacker Teaser (7.59 MB) [optional media] DOWNLOAD

Multiplayer Spectre Custom - This self-running patch will allow you to use the Confed U-22 Spectre against others who also have this patch. Custom replaces graphics, portraits, sounds, and more. (Note: this patch is not compatible with the regular LOTC2 campaign patch)

Spectre Custom (4.59 MB) [optional media] DOWNLOAD

Apocalyptic Garden MP3 - Hear the voices of the Ancients.

Apocalyptic Garden MP3 (3.96 MB) [optional media] DOWNLOAD

Legacy of the Confederation Desktop Theme - (Windows 98) Have the Confederation invade your Desktop today! Includes backgrounds, icons, and sounds. (a theme program such as Mirosoft Plus! is required for installation; you can download a free shareware installer here)

[Sample Shut Down Screen]

Desktop Theme [optional media] DOWNLOAD

Legacy of the Confederation "Teaser" (Episode II) - Click here for a sneak preview of the campaign including audio tracks not found in the episode itself.

LOTC2 mp3 Trailer (5.89 MB) [optional media] DOWNLOAD

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