Legacy of the Confederation Episode II: Dawn of Darkness

WARNING: Some material maynot be suitable for younger audiences (Parental Guidance Suggested)

Legacy of the Confederation"StartUp Kit" (Episode II) - These archives contain the program enhancements that are necessary to run the campaign. PC users must download the PC Start Up Kit, while Mac users need to download the Macintosh Start Up Kit. The patchers listed below contain ALL the sounds, portraits, and graphical modifications you need for LotC. Simply put them on your desktop (or any folder) double click them and they start StarCraft for you. Then select and play the missions as normal.

LOTC2 Start Up Kit - PC SEMPQ (17 MB) [required - pc - Missions 9 through 18 ONLY] DOWNLOAD
LOTC2 Start Up Kit - PC SEMPQ (32 MB) [required - pc - Missions 19, 20, and 21 ONLY] DOWNLOAD
LOTC2 Readme [installation instuctions] DOWNLOAD

Legacy of the Confederation "CampaignFiles" (Episode II) - These are all of the missions that will comprise"Episode II: Dawn of Darkness." You do not need to download all of the missions before you begin playing.

Chapter 9 - Strike First, Strike Harder (14.24 MB) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 10 - Dark Discovery (15.08 MB) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 11 - Zero Tolerance (15.24) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 12 - Conflagration (9.00 MB) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 13 - 72 Hours (4.75 MB) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 14 - Portents (11.71 MB) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 15 - Andromeda (14.92 MB) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 16 - Nightfall (12.07 MB) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 17 - Fracture (16.24 MB)
Chapter 18 - Dawn of Darkness (5.33 MB) DOWNLOAD
FMV Movie (46.57 MB) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 19 - Dorasida (42.1 MB) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 20 - Dr Allcome (13.63 MB) DOWNLOAD
Chapter 21 - The Forbidden One Returns (35.84 MB) DOWNLOAD

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