Fall from Grace brings you the story of Rond, Protoss Templar and the strife he must endure while serving the Conclave.

Requires StarCraft: Brood War Expansion pack. Fall From Grace includes 4 missions, 1 cutscene, full unit, briefing, and in-game voices, new screens, and is the first campaign to replace a Blizzard Campaign via MPQ. Send all reviews to Desler.

Installation Instructions

Note: These instructions can also be found in a readme.txt file inside the ZIP file.

Using WinZip or another ZIP program that supports directory structures, extract all files in your StarCraft directory. (nothing will be overwritten, except any custom portraits you may have downloaded in the past) Once done, run Fall_From_Grace.exe, select Single Player, then play the Protoss Campaign It is reccomended you start with the first mission and play your way through.

Warning: Using the level skip cheat (there is no cow level) will cause these missions to desync, bringing up old Blizzard campaigns.

Uninstall information

Delete ffg.mpq, Fall_From_Grace.exe, the SMK directory (ffg.smk), the portrait directory, and the GLUE directory. This will restore your files.

Keeping it Installed

You can have this and still play StarCraft as normal, which is the beauty of the entire process, with the exception of the Tassadar portrait which will remain changed.

Map Design - Marco "Desler" Hernandez
Map Review and Enhancement - Di
Story Design - Marco "Desler" Hernandez
Cutscene / Portrait / Splash Screen Artwork - Joel Steudler
Cutscene Audio Editing - Marco "Desler" Hernandez
Hex Editing / Keeper of the Campaign Bag'o'tricks - Di
Voice and Audio Editing - Marco "Desler" Hernandez

Rond - Joel Steudler
Tane - Joel Steudler
Judicator Cyradon - Joel Steudler
Nugdraas - Joel Steudler
Merlam/Aldrek - Joel Steudler
Joe Kline - Joel Steudler
Protoss Zealot - Joel Steudler
Protoss Carrier - Joel Steudler
7576 - A computer from a galaxy far far away.

Fall From Grace is copyright 1999 Campaign Creations. We reserve all rights, except those that'll get us sued (we know which ones, so don't try none of that fancy law stuff on us, mwahahaha)

Special Thanks

Brian "Hadiar" Tartell, NebularChick, Wiz Soong (and all the original StarSide Bar and Grill crew), Di, Sharandar, Rudder, Bishop, Oracle, Velox, Auspex, Katie, Claudia, Krista, Joel Steudler, SCX, Misfitt, Reaper'o'Souls, Hone, Slev, Ducky, MuOn, E-Man, Espionage, Blizzard Entertainment, Steven "I had the idea first" Spielberg, Candice, and my most trusted of all friends, Roberta. If you weren't included, then you probably annoy me too much. :)

Long live: Deep Space Nine, even numbered Star Trek movies, Star Wars, classical music, and people with funny noses.


by Desler