Celestial Irruption
Written and Designed by Desler

    Unwavering control. Many would say there is no such thing. From the highest military dictator to the lowliest servant, there is no such thing as absolute and unwavering control. However, there is one within the Koprulu sector who seeks to change all that. On the planet of Alarite, an epic struggle is about to ensue, one which may decide the fate of the entire sector.

About Celestial Irruption About Celestial Irruption - Information including the storyline, organization heiarchy, and characters.
Download Celestial Irruption Download Celestial Irruption - Download the campaign, and begin your journey of this epic 18 mission campaign. For StarCraft: Brood War.
Campaign Credits Campaign Credits - Learn who was involved in the making of this campaign, the roles they played, and other special information.
Celestial Irruption Design Journal Celestial Irruption Design Journal - A special developers journal written by Desler, with various comments from Joel Steudler.

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Celestial Irruption 2001 Trailer - March 31st, 2001