The Bob Levels II

With the arrival of Brood War, millions of new .scx's have been created. Once again, Campaign creators have made the same mistake they did with .scm's, namely, making them far too serious.

In fact, Brood War was even worse than Starcraft in this aspect. It was clear that the creators took it so seriously, yet there were so many parts of it that were so horribly corny (for fun, try counting the number of times Kerrigan says "I used you.")

Hence, I felt it was my duty to create a new series of Bob Levels in which I openly mocked all other campaigns. Some may think this is mean, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that almost nobody knows these campaigns exist, so it's unlikely any feelings will be hurt.

The old CWAD file of the Bob Levels II has been updated with MPQDraft's SEMPQ creating abilities. Stardraft is no longer required.

Download The Bob Levels II (872 kb)
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CHAPTER 1: The Bad Guys Strike Back

Ever since the Defeat of Aaron the Devious Terran, Life has been calm for the members of the Good Guy's Alliance. We join Zeratul as he is about to take some of his best warriors on the annual Dark Templar Archaeological Expedition. At the same time, and on the same planet, we also find Bill Nye the Science Guy, who is there filming his show. Little do they suspect that They are about to land in a sequel...

CHAPTER 2: The Finish Line

Aaron has stolen the Uraj crystal, and now seeks to acquire the Khalis crystal, which is being given away as a prize to the winner of a race on Artec. It's up to Gary the Speedy Protoss to beat Aaron's racer, and claim the Khalis for the Good Guy's Alliance. But even this victory may be short-lived, as the victor would have to stay alive long enough to enjoy his prize...
Bug Fix: I had uploaded a debug version by accident, where you only had to survive for 1 minute, instead of 30. The correct one is now online.

CHAPTER 3: The Twilight Zone

Having won the Khalis Crystal, our heroes now seek an escape from the onslaught of the Bad Guy's Alliance. They find an abandoned Warp Gate on a small planetoid. Unfortunately, the planetoid is infested with powerful mythical beasts. Zeratul, with the help of his new found ally, the Jake/Larry Archon, must fight through both these beasts, and Aaron's base.

CHAPTER 4: Unlikely Allies

A new threat to the galaxy has emerged, one so great that Bob is forced to join with Aaron in order to combat it.

CHAPTER 5: Bobby's World II

There's nothing too special about this level. It's just a good ol' kill-your-enemies scenario. There's just one small twist: you can get one of your enemies to become your ally.


If you think I've totally lost my mind, you must take into consideration the fact that I had originally made these levels as a joke, and had to be persuaded to release them. At least that's what I tell everybody.