The Bob Levels III

Every legend has its beginning.
Every hero must meet his end.
But, that's not really relevant to this page. After all, these are Bob Levels. They're not serious. In fact, they seek to mock the seriousness of all those other campaigns out there.

The Bob Levels started humbly with The Bob Levels I, which were okay considering they were my first endeavour in campaign making. When Brood War came out, so too did The Bob Levels II, which I think greatly improved on the previous ones.
And now, a new installation in The Bob Levels arrives. In these, I attempt to mercilessly mock all that was missed previously. This time, you work not only on the side of Bob, but his enemies as well. You little turncoat, you. Have fun.

The story picks up a little while after the old one ended. As expected, Aaron is once again preparing to take over the universe and get revenge on Bob. The critters are also working to recapture their zerg army. Bob and the other heroes, completely oblivious to the trouble that is brewing, are attending a hero reunion on Bobby's World. The campaigns, which leap from one group to another, let you know exactly what each group is doing as the story unfolds.

Additional features:
Aaron in a Goliath suit (no longer just a helpless civilian)
Warrior Critters (these guys bite back)
The return of Fenix.
Seven Levels!

Download The Bob Levels III (851 kb)

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Hate my levels? Then don't play them.

If you think I've totally lost my mind, you must take into consideration the fact that I had originally made these levels as a joke, and had to be persuaded to release them. At least that's what I tell everybody.