The Bob Levels! (Enhanced)

Welcome to my little corner of the institution.

Here, I have placed 5 brilliantly made Starcraft campaigns.

"What makes them so special?" you ask. Allow me to tell you. I'm sure that you have seen many, many epic scenarios everywhere on the net by now. Each one has an intricate story line, and very serious characters out to save their honor, or people, or some such nonsense.

And that's what makes these levels so different. They lack both a plot and that serious tone. How many level have you seen with a cerebrate named Bob? That's what I thought. The whole thing is basically one big joke. But it is fun, and I put a little something special on each level. So hurry up and download them. I'm sure you'll love them.

There are five chapters (levels) in Bob's story, included in the zip file.

Download The Bob Levels (482 kb)

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CHAPTER 1: Escape From Aiur
Cerebrate Birthing Grounds, Auir

Bob must kill Janet the Evil Cerebrate in order to escape from the Planet Aiur

HINT: At the start, Joe uses his brood to fight against you. Destroy the temple, and he and all his units will switch to your side.

CHAPTER 2: And Then a Hero Comes Along
Cloning Platform, High Orbit Around Auir's Second Moon

Bob must destroy the clone factory which is producing hero clones.

Every unit in this level (with the exception of workers) is super-powered. Buildings remain the same. Don't expect defensive structures to help you too much. Also, if you try to tell 3 larva all at once to morph into a unit such as a Hunter Killer, you may end up with only one. To avoid this, order each one to do so individually.

CHAPTER 3: The Plot Thickens
Bad Guy Installation, Auir's Second Moon

Fight your way through an installation to gather vital information on the Bad Guy Alliance. There is a secret area on this level, but you'll never find it.

NOTE: If you ever make your own campaign, do not include an installation. They are twice as hard to make, and half as fun to play.

TRIVIA: This level got its name because I could not for the life of me think of anything else, and so simply chose the corniest thing that came to mind.

CHAPTER 4: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Dark Templar Homeworld

Help Zeratul kick the invaders off his planet. Here, you can train Dark Templar without purchasing Brood War. Just train a Zealot, and send it to the Dark Crystal. For only 150 additional vespene, it'll be transformed into a Dark templar. Easy.

CHAPTER 5: Bobby's World
Headquarters of the Bad Guy Alliance

In this final struggle, Bob joins with his Terran and Protoss allies to crush the Bad Guy Alliance once and for all.

You have every race at your command here. Use your favorite units from each. However, keep in mind that you also have every race opposing you, and you must maintain three different bases, as well as fight off the hero clones sent at you every so often. Good luck.


If you think I've totally lost my mind, you must take into consideration the fact that I had originally made these levels as a joke, and had to be persuaded to release them. At least that's what I tell everybody.