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Black Dream. Starcraft Brood War adventure, for one player, Use Map Settings. Requires Brood War Expansion Pack.

Required Executable.MemGraft Patch.

Light Edition.MemGraft Patch.

StarGraft patch. Use with MemGraft. This method is for those of you who want to generate their own patches with the latest version of MemGraft. This patch is not supported and is provided as is.

Required Mac Executable.

You must download this in order for the game to run properly. Extract this in your Starcraft directory (will not overwrite files) and run Vision2x.exe (PC) or "VotF - Black Dream" (Mac).
Note: The Light Edition contains no custom music; it is otherwise identical to the full version.


The story is divided into three parts, one for each race, beginning with the Zerg, followed by the Terrans, and ending with the Protoss, each with six missions. While members of each race will participate in each other's part, the focus will tend toward one specific race in general.

Part 1: The Xaax Brood

  1. Zerg Campaign, Part A. Missions 1-3.
  2. Zerg Campaign, Part B. Missions 4-6.

Part 2: Schezar's Scavengers

  1. Terran Campaign, Part A. Missions 1-5.
  2. Terran Campaign, Part B. Mission 6.

Part 3: The Scantid Fleet

  1. Protoss Campaign, Part A. Mission 1.
  2. Protoss Campaign, Part B. Missions 2 and 3.
  3. Protoss Campaign, Part C. Missions 4 and 5.
  4. Protoss Campaign, Part D. Mission 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

Storm.dll problems? You must have Brood War v1.07 (or later) in order to run the executable. Also, make sure the executables are in your root Starcraft directory (ie, c:\games\starcraft\, not c:\games\starcraft\maps).

Mission 3-4 crashes when I try to destroy the power generator This appears to be caused by destroying the generator while the Nuclear Silos are loaded and haven't been destroyed (seems to be a bug in the Starcraft engine itself, and likely easy to miss because most people don't blow up Nuclear Silos through triggers). I suggest you destroy the Nuclear Silos before taking out the power generator.

What happened to the StarGraft patch? The EXEs have been switched to SEMPQs, which are not currently compatible with StarGraft patches. Therefore, it was dumped. However, it is not wholly critical to have the patch in order to work; some units (such as the Marauder) will be rendered useless, but the maps were designed to take that into consideration already.