Aeon of the Hawk
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The name is Aeon of the Hawk, and it takes you to the distant fringe world of Athlys III; formerly a colony of the Terran Confederacy, Athlys III declared its independence and assumed a neutral position among the Terran worlds. The numerous corporations, owners of Research & Development facilities and production centers on the planet rule it with no goals other than preserving their wealth and expanding their markets. The provisional government is nearly absent and lacks the powers necessary to challenge these companies.

This chaotic environment highly interests the powerful nations of the Koprulu Sector, who are eager to explore regions such as the Athlys system and gain footholds on them. The Terran Dominion, The Umojan Protectorate and the Kel-Morian Combine, factions with bitter convivence, sent their ambassadors to fringe worlds such as Athlys III to hire the services of the greedy, yet effective corporations.

A planet far from the influence of the major powers; a nation without a law, and with a puppet government whose power is undermined; a world home to countless mercenaries. Would there be a better place to start a war?

That is what The Hawk believes...