Aeon of the Hawk
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Explanation and features:

Ever since I finished Flame Knives, a number of fans has been telling me to make a sequel to it. Aeon of the Hawk takes place in the same universe as FK, but it is NOT a sequel or prequel to FK. Both campaigns take place in the same universe and share some elements, but you don't have to play FK in order to understand Hawk(call it AotH if you want to, I don't like big acronyms :P ) and vice-versa. If you play both campaigns, you'll obviously have an idea of the larger picture, but it's not required.

The main features are the music, dialogue and special effects, all of these aimed towards establishing a good ambience and simulating a variety of environments. Due to the nature of the Terran race, the dialogues tend to be informal and full with slang, except in the high military commands. Therefore I consider it somewhat realistic and easy to access.


Some(meh, ok, many) people complained about the difficulty of Flame Knives. Well, I got good news for you, then. Aeon of the Hawk is, overall, easier than FK. Most of the maps are "cumulative", so the difficulty is a parable: if your performance in the beginning of a map is bad, the map will get harder and harder as you advance. If you perform well, though, it'll remain easy. There are secret objectives in most maps, and these often reward you with bonus, more units, etc.

The campaign is currently undergoing beta testing. I could probably use one or two additional testers(currently working with 3 of them), so if you want to apply, for this wave of maps or for the next, reply to this thread or PM me. Other than that, I must request SAVAGE for some voice acting - unit responses for now - and that's it.

The campaign is going to be released soon. Questions and comments are welcome. Get ready to travel to a world where only the cunning and the strong survive, where the hunter is hunted and everyone is a potential suspect. Aeon of the Hawk is for real and it's coming. :D