Aeon of the Hawk
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Created by Meta

Featured on PC Gamer.
PC Gamer
August 2007 Issue

PC Gamer Review: A five-map campaign set on and around the independent Terran colony world of Athlys III, Aeon of the Hawk is a 2004 quasi-level to the tougher-than-though Flame Knives. Designer Metathrom has crafted a more story-driven saga than that of its predecessor, with lots of visual doodads and great dialouge featuring pop culture in-jokes about everything from Star Trek to the original StarCraft campaigns. Difficulty level is through the roof, though. Maps on the ground have a desperate, war-of-attrition feel to them, with you scrapping for every pixel against hordes of enemies. This one's for who really know how to take on a wave of frag-grenade popping Vultures.