Air Date: 01/01/2010
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Your Hosts

Dread: Our Public Relations Staff Member has longsince been a quiet member of the community; however, given the opportunity to spring in to help, Dread has taken his voice and is now using it to host this new Podcast in the most professional of manners. Be ready to see more of this Dread as he releases more podcasts from here on out.

Lavarinth: The current administrator of Campaign Creations, Lavarinth is in charge of overseeing upcoming projects that turn up on CC's radar. His resume includes a list of both Starcraft projects and Warcraft 3 projects as well as a little audio editing on the side. You'll find him spending most of his time working on making Campaign Creations the place to be for custom content.

Iskatumesk: Mesk, for short, is in tune with the competitive Starcraft scene and knows what works and what doesn't. He has extensive experience mapping, modding, and playing both Starcraft and Warcraft 3. His analysis into the games are both insightful and illuminating, adding that extra perspective just when we think all possibilities have been exhausted. His... excitable personality doesn't hurt either.

Whiplash: A long time member of the community and recent new recruit to the Campaign Creations Staff, Whiplash has come a long way in campaign development. Gearing up to release a sequel to his hit campaign Ascension of Duran, he's here to share his thoughts and opinions.


These podcasts are uploaded AS IS with no corrections, edits, or anything of the sort. We do not censor what it is that you hear. If you will be easily offended, you probably should not listen to it.