Air Date: 01/14/2008
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Your Hosts

TPC: A long time veteran of Campaign Creations since it's early inception, TPC has been a competitive player for a long seeing some online success in games like Counter-strike and online poker (online losses included). TPC provides the direction and lists the topics to be covered throughout the podcast. Currently, he maintains a blog for the other popular Blizzard game, World of Warcraft. Although primarily concerned with Priests and Shamans, expect something enjoyable to read at World of Matticus.

Lavarinth: He is your current administrator of Campaign Creations. He is in charge of overseeing upcoming projects that turn up on CC's radar. His resume includes a list of both Starcraft projects and Warcraft 3 projects as well as a little audio editing on the side (if you want some proof, listen to the podcasts).

Iskatumesk: Mesk is in tune with the competitive Starcraft scene and knows what works and what doesn't. He has extensive experience mapping, modding, and playing both Starcraft and Warcraft 3. His analysis into the game is both insightful and illuminating, adding that extra perspective just when we think all possibilities have been exhausted. His... excitable personality doesn't hurt either.

Podcast Continuity

You can expect new airing of podcasts twice a month. Updates will be posted on the main page of CC. Discussion and topic lengths will vary. Obviously, if it's a slow news day, don't expect a lot happening. But there's usually something entertaining.


These podcasts are uploaded AS IS with no corrections, edits, or anything of the sort. We do not censor what it is that you hear. If you will be easily offended, you probably should not listen to it.