STF 0066 released!

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STF 0066 released!

Post by Hercanic »

I was rummaging through my STF files and discovered a few new, unreleased versions. Apparently, way back when, I even promised as much. :sweat:

Well, enough foreplay, enjoy!

Download STF 0066
  • Change Log
    1. Idle worker selection fixed.*
    2. Barricade removed.
    3. Influence ticker now always displayed.
    4. Influence rises by 10, from 20.
    5. Mineral Fields no longer invisible.
    6. Prices reduced:
      • Hub $600, from $750
      • Facilities $300, from $500
      • Sweatshop $100, from $200
      • Oil Pump $200, from $300
      • Territory Claim $100, from $200
      • Guard $75, from $100
      • Harrier $300, from $500
    7. Territory Claim now gives 10 supply, from 5.
    8. Territory Claim requires more room to build.
    9. Lancer's rocket slowed to half of previous acceleration.
    10. Lancer's rocket damage lowered to 18, from 20.
    11. Gunner's minigun damage raised to 6/8/10/12, from 5/6/8/12.
    12. Asher's flamethrower damage raised to 8, from 6. Splash raised to 10/10/10, from 5/5/5.
    13. Harrier's Sidewinder Missiles no longer deal splash damage.
    14. Ranger now has EMP Grenades (Feedback) instead of Concussion Grenades (Maelstrom).
    15. Gunner now has Suppression Fire (Ensnare) instead of Suppressive Fire (Disruption Web). Note: Ensnare is currently inversed, increasing movement speed. Best used on your own troops. This was only a test of an idea, so it will not remain with the Gunner in future versions.
* Idle Worker Selection fix: Works perfectly in singleplayer mode. However, selection data is apparently shared in a multiplayer game, so if you order an Engineer to move who was selected using IWS, you will desync from the game. At this point in development, we were working to isolate the multiplayer call, which is why this version of the mod was never released.
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Re: STF 0066 released!

Post by bajadulce »

Great to always see classic mods continually improved on. Love the faster starts and the return of the single player Zerg :)

I'm out of town this weekend, but "we" (SCraft modding enthusiasts) should try to organize a monthly event again. Would be fun to play some of these mods once more.
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