Forum Policy & Posting Guidelines (Updated: 06/2020)

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Forum Policy & Posting Guidelines (Updated: 06/2020)

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To begin, welcome to Campaign Creations. The location for many of the most legendary projects every created. Our community is tightly knit together, and with that said, there are a few guidelines we would like you to follow to help keep the atmosphere enjoyful.

We do not hold a zero tolerance policy towards censorship to inappropriate language. There is no reason why one should not be given the right to speak their mind, so long as it is tastefully described. However, repeated abuse of a no zero tolerance policy will result in case by case discipline. If the situation becomes out of hand, a filter will be put in place.

Spamming has roamed the world since the internet sprung alive. For years it has been received harsh feedback- We hold no different view. If you begin to spam the forum you will be punished. Spamming involves making short useless posts, making unrequired threads, and just sheer annoyance.

Flaming / Trolling
Flaming is near similar to spamming. Flaming by definition is a post made against another user in public that is offensive to them. Trolling is a word with an identical meaning of posting for the sole purpose of causing an argument. This is highly unacceptable is we keep a calm and friendly environment. Repeated offenses to flaming will get you banned.

Quality of Posts
In the event a post is deemed unfit for a productive, positive, and peaceful community, your post may be removed without notification. There is no predetermined system for removal, this is a case by case situation. To decrease the likelihood of your post being removed, please post constructive and well-thought replies.

Reviving Old Threads
The subject of reviving old threads has been controversial for years. If the content provided months later is useless, then there was no reason for it to be revived, however if it was informational than it is ok. This is the general view of the public and we hold it the same. Thread necromancy is viewed in a case by case basis. If a moderator finds your post to not qualify for revival of an old thread, it will be removed to reset the position of the thread.

Please keep all uploads legal. Anything illegal will result in a ban. If you are uploading an image consider uploading it elsewhere as it adds bandwidth usage. Please note your upload may eventually be removed for server space.

Disallowed Content
Content that we do not deem fit for Campaign Creation is anything that is either illegal or requires someone to be of 18 years of age or older. We do not allow software piracy or music piracy, nude images of people or adult-oriented images (porn), as well as the request for CD keys or any of these items. Please, if you think it will receive negative feedback, do not post it. In addition, Campaign Creations will no longer tolerate links from file sharing sites without proof of ownership of the content shared.

If you join the forum for the sake of advertising your website that is not even related to our community. The chances are that you will be instantly banned. Know this and know this well.

Take absolute value in the fact that we are here to be a community who respects one another. With that said, the chances of being banned are extremely slim, however if you are it was within good reason and likely multiple offenses. As mentioned, we may not have a zero tolerance, and banning is a case-by-case basis, however this does not mean we will allow you to hold the right to freedom of speech. We reserve our right to edit or delete any and all of your posts if so we wish.

If in the case you are banned, you may send a message to the Administrator requesting your acceptance back into the forum, at which point it will be reviewed. This is done in a case-by-case personal discussion. If repeated offenses have been given, the chances of being accepted back are slimmer than a single offense. Please contact an administrator using the Contact Us form on our website to review your ban.

New User Accounts
Users with 0 posts require their initial post to be approved by a moderator before being displayed. This is a spam prevention method. So long as your post relates to the topic at hand and is deemed not spam, it will be approved. Opinions, thoughts, and expressions will not be taken into consideration.

Account Deletion
Please bear in mind if your account retains 0 posts for over the course of one week, it may be flagged for deletion at random intervals. The purpose of this is to lessen bandwidth usage via queries. You best prevention for your account to retain its information is to post at least one (1) post in any forum, not including blogging or private messages. If your account is deleted, it cannot be recovered and you must register your account again.

Italic text indicates new adjustments.
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