[BW] The Malice of Diamonds

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Re: [BW] The Malice of Diamonds

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I've decided to take some time today to post a little update and hopefully settle a few dividends, since I've neglected to show new content on the last occasion. This is mostly for covering March's update, and giving those who are interested something to look forward to.

Right now I've finished mission 1's terrain and unit placement, but triggering will have to wait until I've revised the script. I'm not really satisfied with the dialogues I have at the moment; they're too bland and generic. Meanwhile I've started working on the terrain for another mission. You can catch a small glimpse of it below:


Man, I love the IceWorld tileset. So pretty ^-^ ... this one will also be a 256x256 map, so it will allow me to include lots of different concepts in it, which is what I like doing for terrain in general. For the record, this isn't the second mission; let's just call it "mystery mission x" for the time being. Plot-wise it will be one of the high points of the campaign -- I have some cool stuff scripted for it, including a few "boss battles", although they're not very elaborate. Now if I can implement all of that into actual gameplay remains to be seen.