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The Last Guardian - Information

Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 7:18 am
by OutsiderXE

2.Original notes from 2009
3.The campaign

- Install WarCraft III and The Frozen Throne
- Update WC3/TFT to the latest patch (campaign was successfully tested with TFT version 1.27a)
- Move the file "TLGe04.w3n" to X:\YourWarCraft3InstallationFolder\Campaigns\"here" (e.g. 'C:\Games\Warcraft III\Campaigns\TLGe04.w3n")
- Start The Frozen Throne, select "Single Player", select "Custom Campaign", select "The Last Guardian" and press "Play Campaign"
- Attention: Do not rename the file "TLG04.w3n"

2.Original notes from 2009:
Phewww, made it :D for the third time! And hard it was this time. I had said once that I would rather cut off my hands than create another campaign (though in the meantime I broke my leg, so I guess that counts too...) but in December 2007 I was so bored that I tried to create a map to see how an exterior-Karazhan would look like, and 20 months later a campaign was born, based on the book "The Last Guardian". This campaign is so much different than my other projects. An experiment. This book has so much text that I thought it was inpsossible to create something playable, until I had the idea to create a point and click adventure. In February 2008 I had to do military service in greece so I had much time to think of the gameplay elements. I returned 5 months later and neither worked nor went to school for about 2 months. In september I started doing both and the 5 months I had initially planned to finish this project became 20 (- 5 military actually). What am i going to do now? NOT promise that i'm not going to make another campaign...

3.The campaign (mini-spoiler):
The campaign follows the story of the book "The Last Guardian", written by Jeff Grubb. During the Warcraft 1 period, young Khadgar becomes apprentive of Medivh and unveils the hideous machinery behind the orcs' coming. Like DotD and LotD I don't follow the story 100%ly, to supprt gameplay, otherwise I could have made a cinematic series as well. The campaign contains 10 maps. 7 normal, 3 cinematics. There are no optional quests. The gameplay is strictly linear and you control mostly only Khadgar from fixed camera perspectives. You solve riddles, fight monsters now and then, combine items and have conversations.

- Duration of some transmissions not optimized.
- Units/objects may not play the proper animation.
- Dialog titles might disappear.
- Using cheats might break the game.

Please report any bugs, by leaving a comment or sending an email to alexandrosdelas [at] gmail [dot] com.

This campaign was created 95% by me (OutsiderXE), except for the text and story. The rest is shown in the credits at the end of the epilogue. I want to thank Jeff Grubb again (for the wonderful book) and naturally and Blizzard. And everyone having fun with this campaign!
- Book: Jeff Grubb
- Design: OutsiderXE
- Spells: iAmKablam, Kinoko, Matilda_Knights, OutsiderXE, SixFrags
- Models and Skins: ACDC[ToD], Afronight 76, Born2Modificate, Carrington2k, Chizume, Chriz., CommunistCyan, Dan van Ohllus, DarkChaplain, Dionesiist, Dmitry Rommel, Elenai, Elunes-Guardian, frostwolf, General Frank, Golosov, The Great Troll War team, GreyArchon, ike_ike, jatter2, John Drake, Kitabatake, loktar, Mc !, Nasrudin, Oinkerwinkle, olofmoleman, RedXIII, RightField, Rondo, -SkatinG CoW-, Sunchips, Tranquil, T-Revellion-T, Urkdrengi, xXm0RpH3usXx, all contributors to the 'Ultimate Map Pack'
- Icons and Additional Art: CRAZYRUSSIAN, Drac, BlackRockClan, GooS, lllLSDlll, irishlad78, Johnlee, KelThuzad, kola, LiOneSS, loktar, Marcos DAB, Mr.Goblin, pulyx, Sin'dorei300, Sons of the Storm, The_Avenger's_Return, World of WarCraft
- Music: World of WarCraft
- Testing and Advice: arthas_king, HKC-Silence, Kricz, loktar, Manfred.Top, MiQ, Mechmap, Storm-Panda
- Special Thanks to: Blizzard, Blue Byte, HKC-Silence, loktar, MiQ, Rondo,,

This campaign can only be distributed with this Readme-Document. send complaints, praise, hints and information to alexandrosdelas [at] gmail [dot] com . As long as I am not on vacation or (again) in jail (joking^^... I'm never on vacation ;-D) I will answer every E-Mail on the next day.

Re: The Last Guardian - Information

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:46 am
by OutsiderXE
Updated for 1.04