Forum Upgrades and Downtime

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Forum Upgrades and Downtime

Post by Lavarinth »

The upgrade is completed and the forum is now accessible. Thank you for your patience!

The Campaign Creations forum will be undergoing some extreme forum upgrading. We apologize, but this may involve taking the forum down for an extended period of time. During the process, the forum may be live at times for testing purposes, however until this post states the update is complete, we cannot guarantee any content, post, or threads to be retained if you post during temporary uptime.

This upgrade is an extreme version change in phpBB and will break current mods we have installed. In addition, it will break the layout we are currently having. In the spirit of having the forum live as soon as possible, once upgrading is completed, there may be live forum theme changes occurring from a default phpBB theme to the traditional Campaign Creations theme. Please work with us in accepting this temporary issue, but rest assured posting as normal will function and in due time the forum will return to its original appearance to the best of our ability.

We have one major mod that may affected during this process: The Blog feature. We will do all in our power to get this mod to continue to function, however we apologize if the creator of the mod has not crafted a working version of this mod with the latest update. If the mod fails to cooperate, we will be retaining the data for the unforseen future in the hopes the developer of the mod will update it properly.

Thank you for understanding.
- - Lavarinth
Campaign Creations Administrator
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