Legacy of the Void Beta Preview, 2 weeks away

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Re: Legacy of the Void Beta Preview, 2 weeks away

Post by Frozty »

The unfortunate consequence of all this "need more micro" stuff is that the developers are effectively killing the pool of casual-ish mid- to low-level players. It will become too difficult to keep up with all the excessive button commands on the new units, leaving the majority of players unable or unwilling to invest the hours needed to be even remotely competitive.

Honestly, I think the only thing that could save the lower levels is the introduction of the Archon Mode, granted they even have a friend that would practice enough with them to make it enjoyable. I gave up the grind of laddering long ago when it was all about remembering the 2 build orders that actually work, and hoping that I could survive the initial rush. Obviously if I had the hours necessary to ladder and get good enough to not hate myself, then I would have probably stuck it out. However, my story is all too familiar as it is evident that the developers see no other level of play beyond pro status. I will get LotV to play the new Arcade stuff and finish the storyline, but I think my days of being actively involved in the standard ladder are past.

And whoever decided that eliminating the early game would correct the balance should be released immediately. That's a cheap way of "fixing" a non-problem, instead of doing any actual balance tweaks.
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