Custom unit/buff/whatever ideas

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Custom unit/buff/whatever ideas

Post by Ricky_Honejasi » Sun Mar 17, 2013 6:57 pm

So it's a thread where you just post whatever customizable aspect of an unit you would care. It could be abilities, weapons, buffs, negative buffs (weaknesses), techs or even complete customized units.

It's mostly in the spirit that maybe ill actually have any sort of SC2 map that allows you to make customizable units (storable/usable via banks) for a melee or defense map. Even if it never happens, it could be interesting to share random ideas for the heck of it.

You can also add troll-worthy ones instead of just serious ones.

Here goes some of mine :


Delayed Slash : A melee weapon that deals heavy damage but the damage is delayed by 4 seconds instead of being instant.

Blink gun (Troll weapon) : A ranged weapon that hits the target causing it to blink randomly at a direction of a range of 8.

Money launcher (Semi-Troll) : Launches the Yen, Dollar and other money-related symbols (yes, they exist in SC2 data) as projectiles. Costs mineral per launched symbol.

High-Precision Rifle : Powerful rifle but has exactly a minimum AND maximum range of 8.

Feedback Sword : Melee weapon that deals up to 10 damage of "Feedback" vs a foe's energy in addition of its normal damage.


Eye Focus : For 15 seconds, gives +4 sight range and +4 detection range. Temporally grants detection if the unit doesn't have it.

Store Power : Uses energy to deal +10% spell damage on the next real spell. Can accumulate up to 5 times. Costs 10 energy. Auto-Cast. Cooldown of 6 seconds.

Shared Fate : Grants +50% Life, Shields and Energy to both caster and target but if one of them die, both dies.

Inter-Dimensional Duel : Causes caster and target to "instant duel" (in 0 sec flat) to the death based on weapons only. Only the damaged victor pops up between the target's and caster's positions.

BEHAVIORS (aka buffs/weaknesses)

***Note : Added flaws (not tweaks) would normally be compensated by allowing the unit to be stronger in general.

(Buff) Worker Hunter : "Radar detect" enemy workers in an AoE of 15.

(Buff) Epic Blink Dodge : If Blink is not on cooldown, blink away without taking damage if unit is hit.

(Buff) Limited Perfect Defense : Unit takes no damage for the first hit regardless of type or amount.

(Buff) Entrench Defense : +100% armor if unit is not moving.

(Tweak) (Troll) Pink Strike : Unit's weapons will make the victim's actor color to become pink-like.

(Tweak) Half-Combat : (Requires weapon) Unit deals AND only take 50% damage from all types including spells.

(Tweak) Chaos Weapons : Unit's weapons randomly deal 50%, 75%, 100%, 150% or 200% damage.

(Tweak) Conservative Caster : Spells costs 50% energy but has doubled cooldown. Spells without cooldown have 4 seconds of cooldown for this unit.

(Tweak) Solitude : If the unit is alone (no nearby units at a range of 6), it gains +50% damage. Otherwise, it has a penality of -50% damage.

(Tweak) Natural Madness : Gains doubled speed but immediately lose control on unit train. The unit will randomly run towards a discovered enemy base. Preferable for Baneling-like units.

(Tweak) Berserk Nature : On combat start, lose unit control but gains +50% attack speed and movement speed. Regains control after combat ends (no nearby units and not recently damaged).

(Tweak) Perfect Equilibrium : Life, Shields and Energy always tries to be the same % (ex : 50% life, 50% shields, 50% energy). To equalize, it directly subtract the needed value point by point (ex : 10 life can turn into 10 energy).

(Tweak) Line Speed : Unit innately has doubled movement speed but has HORRIBLE turn speed.

(Flaw) Psi Power Dependance : Unit must be under Psi Pylon power or suffer -75% attack speed and movement speed.

(Flaw) Fragile Cloak : (Requires Cloak ability or buff) If this unit is hit under cloak, it loses its cloak and cannot use it ever again.

(Flaw) Useless Energy : (Requires no energy spells) This unit has a maximum of 200 energy with energy regeneration without any means to use it. Vulnerable to Feedback and such.

(Flaw) Unreliable shields : (Requires 100+ shields) The unit's shields randomly turns off and on. When the shields turns back on, it has the same shields before they turned off.

(Critical Flaw) EMP : Inoperable : (Requires mechanical flag) If hit by a Ghost EMP, this unit is "stunned" by EMP for 15 seconds in addition of EMP's normal effects.

(Critical Flaw) Supply Gone : If this unit dies, it forever takes the used supply as dead weight.

(Fatal Flaw) Death by Detection : This unit automatically dies (or heavy damage per second) if under an enemy unit's detection rays.

(Fatal Flaw) Gas Inexpert : (Requires worker type) Worker can only harvest 2 gas at once instead of 4.

(Flaw Flaw) Short Life : Unit has a timed life of 60 seconds after being trained.


Note : You can have a imaginary tier 4 and tier 5 if wanted for truly insane techs.

Tier 3 - Shadow Charge : Grants Cloak while zealot charging.

Tier 3 - Makeshift Bunkers : Allows marines to make weaker versions of bunkers.


Squad Only : Unit-type is more powerful but has a strict limit of X units at once.

Only one : Unit-type is much more powerful but it has only has one of them and no more can be trained.

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Re: Custom unit/buff/whatever ideas

Post by Ricky_Honejasi » Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:23 pm


Void Blade : Powerful yet barely inaudible melee weapon. Useful to sneak equipped units with main armies.


Inevitable End : Deals 1 *maximum* shield damage per second first then 1 *maximum* life damage per second until the victim dies out of having 0 *maximum* life.

Road rage : (Unit need 3+ movement speed) Allows unit to charge at 2x speed in a line and knockback with damage allied and foes alike in the path. If an air unit does it, it becomes temporally a ground-only unit with ground pathing and a very low altitude.

Hurry Production : (Unit-producing structures only) Works X% faster for Y secs but occurs a heavy production speed penalty for a while after the buff wears.

Chained Repeat : (Ultimate) Redo immediately the last standard attack or ability against the last target. If the target died, it doesn't do a thing. Fairly long cooldown.

Enemy's Nickname (Troll) : Allow to temporally rename an enemy's unit-type for 1 minute.

Bribe : Escape : At 125% unit cost, make the targeted enemy unit disappear out of battle. Heroic units are normally immune. Cooldown of 30 seconds.

Enemy Weakness Scan : Scans nearby enemy unit-type over time. Per 10 seconds of scanning, it makes the enemy 's unit-type take a permanent +1% damage (up to +50%) by any of the player's units. Preferable to put the ability on cloaked permanent observers.

BEHAVIORS (aka buffs/weaknesses)

(Buff) Half-Supplied : Unit grants half of its used supply as gained maximum supply. Unit still uses the normal supply out of the maximum possible. For example if you are at 8/10 and train a 2 supply one, your supply will become 10/10 while training and then 10/11 after it finishes training.

(Buff) Final Attack : On death, it fires his weapon one more time (regardless of cooldown) at a random target in range. Does nothing if there is no valid enemy target or if they are all out of range.

(Buff) Unoccupied Production Aid : (Unit-producing structures only) If a structure isn't producing units, it grants +20% production speed to a producing one until the initial structure starts producing. Effect stacks up to 5 times (from 5 different free structures) on a single producing structure.

(Tweak) Fallen Legend : (Hero or unique) Gains +25% life, shields and damage but their Heroic attribute no longer make them immune to all important/critical abilities that are otherwise immune against.

(Tweak) Rhythm Motivation : +25% damage if the gametime's minute is even. -12.5% if odd.

(Flaw) Require Driver : (Mechanical unit only) This unit lacks a "built-in" driver and requires a 1-slot or 2-slot biological driver to enter it like a minor transport to use it.

(Critical Flaw) Lazy Bums : (Workers only) Each worker randomly stop working at a 1% odds every second. Cannot become lazy again until 30 seconds expired.


Draining Full Charge : This unit starts with full energy but loses 1 *maximum* energy per second. Each individual unit of this type can end up having a permanent 0 max energy.

Flawed Mass Production : (Not hero or unique) First unit of unit-type starts at 150% maximum life and shields but -5% per next unit produced until it his the minimum 50% maximum life and shields.

Unsupplied Trash : Unit-type requires no supply but only has 35% custom points of unit customization. Resource costs and training time is not affected for the chosen tier.

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