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Re: Starcraft : Rebirth of the Swarm (Youtube video)

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:59 pm
by Hercanic
mark_009_vn wrote:To be honest with you, except for Mesk's own voices, they're all terribly edited. The reverbs on some of them makes it impossible to know just what the shit they're saying...
Good as in, "yeah that sounds Protossy." It's the voice underneath that wasn't strong enough to carry through the distortion. When voice-acting for a character you know will have specific special audio effects, you often have to act with those in mind to maintain understandability. For example, Alvin and the Chipmunks' voice actors had to speak slower in order to compensate for the "squeaky" high-pitch audio modulation.

Re: Starcraft : Rebirth of the Swarm (Youtube video)

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:50 am
by Lavarinth
Archangel wrote:Yeah, if only we knew of other voice actors who were actually good. IF ONLY. IF ONLY THERE WAS ANOTHER VOICE ACTOR IN THE WORLD THAT WAS ACTUALLY GOOD.



I know, you're talking about me. I suppose you could of partook as well, unfortunately we weren't pinged for contribution. Remember, AA, we do not actively seek to voice act, we only accept (minimal) requests for us to voice act and take six months to complete it. That's how we do.

Re: Starcraft : Rebirth of the Swarm (Youtube video)

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:30 am
by IskatuMesk
I normally only offer to do acting if something is of reasonable quality and guaranteed to be complete. This project was demonstrably finished at the time, and the visuals are fairly reasonable, especially considering it's coming from sc2 and not something like 3ds max. At Team Liquid (where I saw him asking), there is zero recognition for custom content. The average 10 line girl blog gets 100x as many hits as any given article I write. There is just no one out there looking out for each other in custom content anymore. I may not like Blizzard products, but I can respect the people behind the community trying to do something with them. I felt like I could make a difference and have that effort actually mean something. So I did. And while it may not have been a project I would have personally made, agreed with, or considered at my level of quality overall, I helped a guy out trying to make something larger than any given shitty 0.2 arcade map, and that effort was not in vain.

I think back to when I was largely inept in Brood War modding with only 1-2 years under my belt and WarGiant often lended exceptional effort to the random projects without any real hassle. You just don't get help like that these days.