Vas - Moksha

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Vas - Moksha

Post by IskatuMesk »

Title: Moksha
Source: Feast of Silence - Album
Artist: Vas
Type: Folk/Ethnic

Heard of Dead Can Dance, right? Of course. Well, I hadn't for the longest time. So, when I first discovered them (from a track in the movie The Mist, oddly enough), I kept that kind of sound in my head when I went searching for music in the end of 2009. My deep google trawl yielded many interesting things. Amongst them, a few artists that were regarded as eastern DCD spinoffs. They were all pretty awesome.

Not all tracks I find are, as is, suitable for campaign or cinematic material. For Black Sun I exercised my meager knowledge of beatmastery (remixing) and found that mangling bits and pieces of music into each other became easier the more music I had available. Say, for example, you just wanted the intro of this track to merge into something else... that is totally doable. But this track would still be suitable for some kind of background track. I can see it being useful for the Anahn in Black Sun as a general music piece altogether.

You'd think for something as cliche as Arabic folk music, that every Hans Zimmer ripoff tries to butcher as much as possible, that a lot of folk material would be super accessible. Well, finding genuine folk material and not ripoffs is a bit harder than it sounds. Not all of this style of music is Arabic, either. Some is Turkish (you know, those guys that made TURKISH STAR WARS, best movie ever), some is even more exotic. But I'll get balls-deep into it once I feel better.

If you want to get deeper into the band-esque style of this music, there's Niyaz, Stellamara and Azam Ali. If you want more harem love-making Dead Can Dance, there's Irfan as well. I'll probably post samples of them all eventually.
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Re: Vas - Moksha

Post by Falchion »

As funny as it may seem, this reminded me of the soundtracks in Seven Kingdoms II: The Frythan Wars. There were some they worth checking it out, Isk.
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