October 25 - Altan Urag - Mirage of Faraway

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October 25 - Altan Urag - Mirage of Faraway

Post by IskatuMesk »

Title: Mirage of Faraway
Source: Album - Unaga turuv
Artist: Altan Urag
Type: Folk Rock

In my search for music suitable for the Gorian music I stretched into eastern-influenced music, specifically searching for Egyptian and Arabic. Early into my search I came across a band known as Altan Urag, a (I believe) Mongolian folk rock group that has produced a handful of high quality albums.

This particular track is a more of an ambient piece I intend to use for Gorian puzzle rooms when the player encounters them. The mechanics and nature of these puzzle rooms are dangerous and sinister, and you'll require unusual thinking to accomplish them and progress. Thus, this track works well for ambient music in the very first puzzle rooms you encounter.

It also helps establish the kind of mood I want for the Gorian in general.
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