Legacy of Ash Track 2 - Your Day, Your Time

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Legacy of Ash Track 2 - Your Day, Your Time

Post by IskatuMesk » Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:57 pm

~ Artist: Gustaf Grefberg
~ Album: The Darkness (Rip by OrangeC)
~ Genre: Orchestral/Ambient

If I told you that I was a afraid, now more than ever, would you think less of me?

For with every last grain of sand that settles upon the last at the bottom of the hourglass I feel an impact ringing through my very bones and flesh. The thunder of a dying age echoes through my ears, and I feel as though for every hour that passes a new age is born and set to rest.

No. I have always been afraid. But I have always strode forward with nothing but the flame of spirit to carry my weighted steps across the barren wastelands of despair and madness. I have seen and experienced things that no man should ever see or experience, much less a child.

I know what it is you are thinking. I know what it is you would say. I have heard it before, time and time again.  I have no need for your words. I have no need for your pity, your pedestal.

"We have no time for the for the frail of heart and mind. Suck it in, son. We must keep moving."

I tell myself this every passing day. Every passing hour.

But we never get moving.

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