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Hotfix! 0059b

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:27 am
by Hercanic
Download: STF 0059b Hotfix! Desync bug isolated and squashed!
Turns out it was how the mineral fields were made invisible. They didn't agree with the fog of war after being explored.

This is a quick fix intented for multiplayer only. I simply ordered all mineral fields to die on start, killing the bug but also disabling the Zerg AI. If you wish to play singleplayer, the original release is still your best bet. For online play, only use 0059b. Just be sure everyone else playing doesn't mistakenly load the original! That'll definately cause an immediate desync for them. =oP

Next release will include a long-term solution for mineral fields, as well as a rework of the Territory Claim mechanic.

Thank you for your patience!