Play STF vs. any Zerg AI

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Play STF vs. any Zerg AI

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Using's BWAI Launcher, you can play STF against any Zerg AI. The launcher has a variety of AI to choose from, from non-cheating to insane challenge levels. To try this, follow these steps:
  1. Download BWAILauncher and extract it to wherever you'd like to use the program from.
  2. Place a copy of the STF.exe and its STFSettings.txt in the BWAILauncher folder. This copy can be in its own directory or in BWAILauncher's root, it doesn't matter. The reason for this step is because BWAILauncher modifies STF by injecting your chosen AI script into it. This won't be a problem until you try playing STF online with other people who haven't injected the same AI script.
  3. Run BWAILauncher
  4. Go to ==> File ==> Options ==> Check Use custom targets
  5. Under Target MPQ:, click the Browse button.
  6. Navigate to find STF_1151_0066.exe. You must use the dropdown Files of type: and select All Files (*.*) in order for the EXE to show up.
  7. Click Open to confirm your choice, then Ok in the Settings window. You are now ready to pick out your AI opponent.
  8. The first dropdown option, AI Package has several categories to choose from. For our first runthrough, go with 01) Entropy (Non-Cheating)
  9. Uncheck all other AI options. Under Zerg, check Myks Z v3.8.
  10. When ready to begin, click Play!
  11. Enjoy! If that wasn't challenging enough for you, there are plenty more to choose from. Scripts in Racine Rebels would be appropriate for advanced players, while Mesk's Zapoc Zerg will inspire you to curl up into a ball and weep.
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Re: Play STF vs. any Zerg AI

Post by bajadulce »

Fun stuff and very thorough instructions (especially the select All Files (*) dropdown step). I recently played some STF vs. Myks Z and got a good trashing. Nothing beats playing STF vs. other human opponents, but this is pretty fun. Thnx for posting.
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