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The Tribe

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:16 pm
by Ben
Name: Ben
Age: 13

In this campaign i intend to put the player in control of an independent protoss tribe as shocking secrets of the past and the future are uncovered. The player will also play a covert mission with the terran trying to seek out the source of power of the Kel'Morian Combine. While with the zerg, the player controls a cerebrate with a serious situation on his hands. I am currently thinking on making around 5 maps. That should build up the story enough for the campaign to stand on its own.

I will upload screen shots soon and if i can, part of the dialogue of the first mission. It is just in text, no sc formatting.

Story so far:
The Protoss tribe of Xor'Telas has always lived a peaceful life after the Aeon of strife, they have flourished and grown in population. The planet of Dormilak has been under the tribe's control for hundreds of generations, today, they control expansions and mining operations all over the planet. Minerals are never low because of a precious mineral source known to the tribe as 'Frost'. When minerals are mined from Frost, it is formed again in a few hours instead of thousands of years.

You are the next leader of the tribe. Xor'Telas congratulates you on the last day of proof that you should be the next leader. Until something wrong happens. They are not as alone and their enemies are not as far as they think they are.

The Terran  lie in waste and shattered, the Terran dominion has been torn apart by kerrigan's brutality and the foolishness of the UED. But a small force seems to be on top of all others. The Kel'Morian combine has taken control over everything in the Terran sector leaving Mengsk and his 'Empire' unable to expand and trapped within the roots of the combine.

You have been chosen by Mengsk to infiltrate the combine and assassinate their leader, taking with you all their secrets.

Kerrigan hides in the shadows as her forces increase rapidly. The Zerg planet of Char starts to house new powerful creatures with no cause at all. Or so it seems. Kerrigan is pleased with this and leaves the creatures to evolve on their own, with the creatures it leaves you.

You are a cerebrate commanded by Kerrigan to keep the creatures controlled. But something deeper within you tells you that these creatures are not zerg, and neither are you. You struggle to control your actions as the creatures start to ravage the planet killing all 'old' zerg in their path. Kerrigan does not seem to care. You are left alone to deal with the situation.

Sorry for the double post but i'm sick of editing my message over 10 times. Just to clear some things up:

Kerrigan killed all the Cerebrates, true, a bit of lore would unfortunately unravel my secret bit by bit:
You are a cerebrate commanded by Kerrigan to keep the creatures controlled. But something deeper within you tells you that these creatures are not zerg, and neither are you.
Also, the Terran Confederacy is NOT destroyed, it is just blocked from expanding.

The Umojan Protectorate are still NEUTRAL and till now I have no plans of including them.

This Protoss tribe is NOT Dark Templar, so unfortunately in the early parts of the campaign, you CAN NOT build Dark Templar or Dark Archons. It doesn't mean that you will never use them, it is just that you won't use them that early.

Btw, to explain the appearance of the dragoon, the tribe gains it's energies from Frost. You can't create a dragoon from a gateway. This is to explain how dragoons still exist even though the shrine dedicated to them was destroyed.

Also, the Protoss tribe is named for its leader. Here are some of the characters for whom I had time for to design:

Name: Xor'Telas
Race: Protoss
Unit: High Templar
Age: 875
Occupation/s: Former leader of the Protoss tribe on Dormilak
Relations: Iona's Father
Faction: Xor'Telas' Tribe

Name: Tergos
Race: Protoss
Unit: Zealot/Dragoon
Age: 394
Occupation/s: Military Advisor
Relations: None
Faction: Xor'Telas' Tribe

Name: Iona
Race: Protoss
Unit: Corsair/Zealot
Age: 209
Occupation/s: Scout, Stealth Assassin
Relations: Xor'Telas' daughter
Faction: Xor'Telas' Tribe

Name: Kal
Race: Terran
Age: ?
Occupation/s: ?
Relations: ?
Faction: ?


Name: Dormilak
Species: Protoss
Resources: Frost, Minerals, Gas
All information is subject to change, I will add more later on in development.

Re: The Tribe

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 11:59 am
by Campaign Creations

Re: The Tribe

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:41 pm
by Ben
do i have to create the map with staredit only? or can i use scmdraft?

Re: The Tribe

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 4:29 pm
by Church
I'm fairly sure you can use anything because I'm using X-tra editor and no one has kicked me out.

Re: The Tribe

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:26 pm
by Lavarinth
Ben, do you intend to explain how a quickly established empire, the Dominion, could suddenly became entangled by a sudden growth of influence by the Combine? If you recall, the Dominion used mass media to unite multiple worlds under one ruler at the end of StarCraft, but were somewhat torn apart due to the UED in the Brood War, however in StarCraft II are established to be, once again, the ruler of the Terran race. What is known so far is the following:
Mengsk and his forces have regrouped on Korhal IV. His first order of business was to rebuild the Terran Dominion. In Kerrigan he had found a new target for revenge, and he'd always been happier with a goal to work toward anyway. The Dominion has since become the most powerful force among the terran factions, having taken over many of the original Confederate worlds.

The Kel-Morian Combine and the Umojan Protectorate have been preparing for the inevitable war with either the zerg or Mengsk.

Re: The Tribe

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 3:34 pm
by Dem0nS1ayer
Upload them to a site like, and then paste the [img] code right onto your reply.

Re: The Tribe

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:11 am
by Lavarinth
Select Additional Options near the bottom of the text box in the Reply screen, and you attach files such as screenshots or maps.

Re: The Tribe

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:55 pm
by Ben
Oh, thanks for the info. Well here are some screen shots, i will soon post some 'battle' screen shots.  Tell me what you think so far.


oh wait i can upload them to xfire. Then use the img thing. Thanks anyway.

[imgwh 640x480] ... cff555.png[/imgwh]

yeah, sry grammar mistake there.

[imgwh 640x480] ... ec715c.png[/imgwh]

[imgwh 640x480] ... c3f87c.png[/imgwh]

[imgwh 640x480] ... 1ab3b4.png[/imgwh]

My exams are finally finished. I can start working more seriously on this.