Cause and Effect: 4 years after BW

(June 6th, 2009 - June 15th, 2009) Completed: July 31st, 2009
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Terran Academy Student (50k mineral debt)
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Cause and Effect: 4 years after BW

Post by The_Blade » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:16 am

Name: The_Blade
Age: 16

Direction: I will create 3 parallel episodes for each race, describing all the mayor events that took place in these four years.

Zerg Campaign (4-10 episodes 1-2 cut-scenes):

      Kerrigan, after destroying the remaining UED forces, moves back to Char; and starts building the swarm to her own liking. Angus, the slave weak cerebrates of Kerrigan and the last of his kind, must obey in everything with no quarrel or else she might dispose of him. What he doesn't know, is that Kerrigan is already making her moves to settle his departure. Most of the campaign involves redesigning the swarm itself and keeping the secret of it. Still, Kerrigan is not the only one that knows about her little secret, and she reacts violently to the intruder...

      The Player plays as the first Royal Queen, the new agents of Kerrigan, created in secret by Kerrigan and whose existence is unknown to Angus.

Terran Campaign (4-10 episodes 1-2 cut-scenes):

      Raynor is back on his foot after running from Kerrigan who killed his loyal friend Fenix and this time, with the help of Mick Liberty, he starts a pursuit against Mengsk. Mengsk had a little time to take control of the Dominion ones again, but he used his most feared hammer to do the work, fear. Mengsk created a group called The Committee of Public Safety, to control riots and starting revolts with an "efficient" method. Everyone that had ideas against the dominion, regardless his rank or roll on the society, was condemned of betraying the Dominion, and then sentenced to death or the "recovery program". Raynor strikes several key facilities while Mesgk grows in power. Suddenly Raynor finds they are trapped and if they don’t find a way out soon, everyone will die...

      The Player plays as one of Raynor’s own "generals," former lieutenant Cavez.

Protoss Camping (4-10 episodes 1-2 cut-scenes)

      Artanis forms part of the few protoss that controls Shakuras; and with the departure of Zeratul, he has most of the power. Getcros is the Dark templar in chief (designed by Artanis) and formed part of the Zer'Atai tribe; he helps Artanis settle a new order. Everything was at peace until a terrorist group of High Templars called the Conclave, interrupted on Shakuras with 4 full armies of diverse protoss tribes that were left behind on Aiur. (Unlike Ulrezaj, this group was present on Shakuras and attacked with everything they got) These tribes knew nothing about the events involving the Alliance, and had survived only by hiding and protection their own small cities from the zergs. "The Conclave" claimed that Shakuras was a void planet and had torn everyone on it, into heretic deserters of the Kahla. Artanis had to fight them somehow with the reduced number of units he had on his power, before they got into the minds of the other protoss refugees...

    The Player plays as Selendis, primary Executor of Artanis.

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Re: Cause and Effect: 4 years after BW

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