Stumped? Need Some Ideas? Look No Further!

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Stumped? Need Some Ideas? Look No Further!

Post by Campaign Creations » Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:37 pm

Not sure what to create a story about, but still want to participate?

Well, breathe deep at the brain stormers below to help you think of a story:

- With the fall of Aiur, how will the traditional Protoss coexist with their exiled brethren, the Dark Templar?
- All hope is not lost in Aiur as small resistance forces attempt to fight back against the Zerg invasion, how does this play out?
- Mengsk must rebuild the Dominion, but at what costs?
- For four years, Kerrigan remains absent from all, what was she plotting?
- Raynor once organizes a steady rebel group, but what led him to be the washed up hero?
- With the UED fleet almost decimated, what do the remaining stations do?
- Will Earth attempt to end Kerrigan once more via a second, larger UED force?
- What is Duran doing behind the scenes?
- What about the additional Terran colonies such as Umojan Protectorate and Kel-Morian Combine in the Koprulu sector?
- The new technology shown in StarCraft II had to be uncovered or researched in some way or another, what steps were taken?
- Zeratul is out exploring dozens of worlds to uncover the truth of hybrids, what are the trials he must face?
- Throughout the sector, pockets of Protoss tribes, unaware of what has been occurring, do exist, what will become of these people?

Also, don't forget the following crucial points:

- You do not need to focus on the main plot points we have experienced. As mentioned, if you were to focus on an outlying colony, there would be no major characters from the direct storyline.
- You can create new characters at your leisure, or incorporate your characters from other stories so long as they properly fit in the storyline.
- It's not about the quantity, it's about the quality, one map, such as New Avalon II (visit it's page on CC for more info) is an outstandingly long RPG-style map that could take hours to complete, while Legacy of the Confederation is a large set of maps detailing an great storyline.
- You may incorporate some Brood War timeline into your mission, as well as StarCraft II story so long as it is all canon and functions well.
- You do not have to detail each and every event in the four years between, you may selectively skip time, such as a year, if you believe nothing fulfilling develops in your story's timeline you create.
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