Casting & Editing Educationals

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Casting & Editing Educationals

Post by IskatuMesk » Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:40 am

As part of an ongoing project to educate my viewers on things demonstrated or discussed in my videos, as well as set a standard for expectations out of media in general, I have finally begun delving into the long-awaited world of audio tutoring for a general audience.

I've trained nearly a dozen individuals over the years and helped them become accomplished voice actors for a variety of media. However, as I struggle with words and training tends to be a personal thing, I've been unable to formulate my strategies into a cohesive body for a general audience - until recently.

While I am sure the content will require much work to be considered even remotely comprehensive, much less useful as a primary resource, it may help others understand how I approach voice acting and sound editing.

Audio-specific educational content begins with 4-*, but casting-specific training begins with 5-*.

As with all of my media, political correctness is not a particularly high priority.


If you have seen something in my projects you feel would make a suitable addition to the Educational Series, feel free to suggest it.

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