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Re: [orchestral] Made Some

Post by JoelS » Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:06 pm

To do that, what you will need to do is use a sustain pedal (if you have one) or assign a controller on your keyboard to CC64 (which is the default for sustain). You could also manually enter the CC data if your sequencer allows it. What will be tricky is getting the note-offs to work right.

Under normal circumstances, when you release the key on your keyboard, the note will stop. When CC64 is active (or your sustain pedal is depressed), the note-on triggers the note to start playing but it does not stop until CC64 is set back to 0. While CC64 is active on that MIDI channel, you can stack notes as you describe. I'm not sure that there is a way to sustain the original note and stop the second note while the original is still playing. I guess what you'd do is...

1. set CC64 on
2. strike the initial note and release the key
3. strike the second note and hold the key
4. set CC64 off, which ends the first note, but since you are holding the key, the second note keeps playing.

I'll tell you, though, while you may have found that a useful tactic to get the Eridol set to sound like you wanted, there are better ways to thicken your sound and produce crescendos when you are using higher grade instruments. Many libraries will have sampled crescendos, or allow crossfading between dynamics using the modwheel (or other CC controller). Thicker sounds can be achieved through orchestration or by having multiple instruments set to the same MIDI channel (which is a tactic I sometimes use, especially for short string articulations).

I know that changing your workflow sucks, since you're used to things operating in a particular way, but you should think of each of these tools as if they were actual musical instruments. Every instrument has its own method by which it is played and made to sound good. You know techniques for making the Eridol instrument sound good, but will need to learn new ways to use other instruments to the best of their strengths.

Btw, here are some cool free instruments for Kontakt that you may find of use:
http://www.vstcafe.com/2010/04/cinemati ... catos.html (I use that one constantly)

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Re: [orchestral] Made Some

Post by GnaReffotsirk » Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:51 pm

Oh, nice. No problem with changing workflows, I love learning new ways to do one thing in order to find the most smooth way and less technical.

I will check out more layering techniques.

Thank you so much, and these links are wonderful. :)

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