The Workshop Board and Its Many Uses

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The Workshop Board and Its Many Uses

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Welcome to the Workshop. After much thinking, there was a realization this site held no location to discuss the multiple media-related questions forumers may have. So thus, the Workshop was born.

In the Workshop, you may discuss anything media related. Have questions on modeling? Ask here. Need suggestions for your stories? Ask here. Can't figure out how to make that Protoss effect? Ask here. Looking for some animation guidelines? Ask here. Got some concept art to have critiqued? Ask here. We're full of answers.

Although this board may not be as popular as others, it has been determined to be vital to creative minds of our users.

Please, when you post here, we request you post in the following manner, to further allow us all to help you:

In brackets, detail in one word, what it is you would like, in the thread title. After the brackets, title your thread as normal. An example would be the following:

[Music] How does my music sound?
[Sound] How do I get the reverb for Protoss?
[Writing] I need help with Zerg names.
[Animation] I need help with a more fluid walk animation.

The options are endless as to what you can place in the brackets, so don't find these examples as your only limitations.

Thank you, and welcome to the Workshop.