Looking For help With Tetris Game

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Looking For help With Tetris Game

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Project: Battle Tetris
Tetris With a twist. A 6 player game with a few battle modes.


There will be a team set up in between rounds you can pick your own teams.

There will be a total of 2-4 battle games.

Two of the modes will be based off of tetrinet.

1) Tetrinet after getting a line cleared. A special block appears in your felid .There are 6 different special blocks. Then if you clear a felid with that block in it. You get that special block. And may use it on you your teammates or your enemies. Example one is clear line, one is add line ECT.

2) Tetrifast. If you get one line cleared nothing happens. But if you get 2 lines cleared everyone else gets one line added to them (that aren’t on your team).
And if you get 3 lines cleared at the same time 2 are added to all. And if you get 4 lines at once everyone gets 4 lines added to there felid.

Two other battle modes I have considered

1) A Team Battle Mode Where if one player loses they all lose. Where it will level up like normal Tetris but you can take levels from your team mates if you’re more skilled and you can give levels to your teammates if you’re not as skilled.

2) A Straight up normal Tetris, except first player to clear x lines (50 for example) wins. (No Teams in this mode)

Also I may replace one of these ideas with differnt one. depending on feed back i get.

Team So Far:
rover2341 (Project Lead)
Fat-bum (artwork (loading screen))
hafie (Help with Logic) + (Considering Doing a large project that will be implemented into the game.)
Can’t Say name for him yet but. (Considering Doing a few small projects that will be implemented into the game)


[imgwh 640x401]http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/2291 ... latne4.png[/imgwh]

So I am a few days from beta for single player.
The Core of the game works.
Music Works.
Colors Work.
Turn Block works
Drop block, move block works.
Check For and clear line works.

Left to be done for single player beta:

Current Get random number is coming out the same random every time I restart the game. Got to fix that. (For random Blocks) Currently All blocks have same chance to come out.

Show Next Block
Level System (speed up the game for single player)
A bored Showing the level your currently on and your current score.
Putting Text in load screen.
A Reboot. After you lose meaning it starts you over at the begging.

Left for Beta Multiplayer:

Making 6 felids instead of 1. Mostly code wise
Using a Bored to display someone else’s felid so you can keep a watch on other players. (It will only show one player at a time in the bored.)
The 2-4 battle Modes
Getting the 6 models that represent the special blocks
Implementing that into the code.
All The special blocks functions (example Clear line)
The Team system to show who’s friend or foe.
A Small Area to let user’s choice mode or teams ECT.

A custom option for host to decide if a block should show up more often then other blocks.

In Other Words A lot to be done still.


About me I am 20 years old, I this is my 2ed project. First project was a mini tank game. In other words I am decently new with the editor. But I have gone a long ways. And think I can handle any task I need to do this game.

If you have any interests in this project e-mail me. A little bit goes a long ways.
After beta for single player starts I will have about 10-20 projects that will go into the game.

Small project.
Supposing I make it open source (most likely to anyone working on project with me). Make one special block command work
Example add line.


Get the 6 special blocks models.

Large Project.

Using Variables bool player1feild[12x22] int player1colors[12x22], update in a bored ever 3 seconds any value from player1feild that = true with a icon that represents the color form player1colors in the bored.
Make 6 boreds. 1 for each player.
Or in other words Display a players blocks in a bored using icons to represent block color, and if block is there.

E-mail me at rovertemp2341@yahoo.com

If you would like to try out what I am basing the game off of. It might give you a better idea of what I got going.

PreBeta Replease.

After Game Starts Type "Start" and "On" and "Off" For music.



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