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Re: Warcraft 2 mods

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:28 pm
by Randallaron
Hey you all are right.... this exists I myself have seen it on many websites and some of my friends also have downloaded... hope will get my hands on it soon...

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Re: Warcraft 2 mods

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:16 am
by mark_009_vn
I used to be a spriter, so I would say it's not really a difficult thing to make sprites, given that you're talking about the 1998s when games don't have resolutions higher than 640x480...


This my friend, is a long dead rom hack for Advanced Wars 2, made circa 2009 - 2010. It is basically a complete rewrite of Advanced Wars universe to be as retarded, silly, and offensive as possible.

In it, you're basically a bunch of very irate, AK-47 packing cloned Canadian farmers whose sole intention is to cause an unending cycle of destruction and rape to anywhere they come across. Unfortunately, it all went ape shit when a Giant Black Goatse Hole descends upward from Goatse hell, starts setting Mexicans ablaze, and claimed the virginity of most Canadian men using their in-numerous armies of black African man slaves.... Due to such unfortunate turn of events, big bads all over the world formed into the Lawn Alliance, in order to restore peace and purge the Giant Black Goatse Hole from Earth by burning it with fire...

Ah... Cartoony graphic... it makes my Panzer VI looks so FAT and CHUBBY !

The biggest challenge of the hack was graphics, and how little implementing it was documented. As you can see, all of these are entirely hand made from scratch, complete with animations and what's not. Making these sprites was very easy, it would took a grand total of 2-3 hours to make one, make animations for it, and chuck it into the game. The biggest contribution to my success with making graphics for the hack is probably the resolution, in pixel art, manipulating pixels are very easy as there are only so many dots in a single piece of graphic at any time (Most AW unit sprites are 32x32), your only worry is how to optimize quality and defines those tiny little details, and even that is cake-walk given that you have any experience with sprite making. Unfortunately, as easy as it is to make these graphics, due to the lack of motivations, hard coded issues, and the sheer difficulty in working with it in the first place, I quickly abandoned it with only 4 out of 30 or so sprites made...

Drawn with Muro... What a shitty web based graphic editor that was... The irony is that's the only thing that could allow me to draw in a straight line.

Making sprites via this archaic method is often the only way possible to make certain graphics, it is also a quicker and less problematic way of making fixed sprites than putting a 3d model inside of your game... Of course, when we are talking about very complex, animating sprites (alas unit sprites), than I would however recommend using 3d models... there is no way you can make something like that, unless you're some sort of Demi God..

Ok... So what kind of sprites you really can't make using 3d models...?


You have to ask...