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Re: Loladins of Legend

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:38 pm
by IskatuMesk
Scaling bash will be bad when I start adding in items with higher attribute bonuses.

Re: Loladins of Legend

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 1:57 am
by IskatuMesk
Things I noticed need to be fixed/changed...

- Flailsaloot's infernal graphic.
- Inane mode needs more inane events faster. I'll design the new terrain with some events in mind.
- The current max respawn time for creeps, which is capped as the upgrades progress, is 120 seconds iirc - 2 minutes. This will be reduced dramatically when the new system is applied and the new terrain is in, putting into effect my balancing mechanism for defensive healers (who will run out of mana under constant attack).
- Will provide Isador with his guards in the new terrain, and properly fix Suulaan to stop trying to escape and be a little more useful for defense.
- Command Centers and Battle Fortresses will cease to exist, instead replaced by NPC's. (Not sure about this yet).

Future plans

- "Captains" will spawn with waves eventually, which gain strength and abilities depending on the divisions you have upgraded. Captains will only spawn every so often, basically like siege weapons in dota. Keeping them alive will help progress a push significantly.
- Since the smaller distance and faster creep spawns will put huge pressure on current defenses, the common "Two towers" or "Single tower" defense will probably be replaced with "Two towers and an NPC" or so forth, keeping their damages moderate but enough to hold off a lone creep wave until mid-game.
- Relief huts will be modified a bit. Not sure how. I want them to play more of a role. Smaller terrain is going to make them less useful.
- In the new terrain, cannon garrisons will cease to exist. I may, however, re-instate Helms Deep and Brokeback Spire as the intended "Epic control points".

- Along with the arena, there'll be Challenge Arenas. For example, if the entire map is cleared of Epic-type world bosses (rust dragons and above) all in a certain amount of time, Mal`Ash will challenge both teams to a battle. At this point, both teams are allied in an arena against a legendary-type boss. If they win, they'll gain special bonuses (such as reputation with their leaders for abilities/ect). Of course, whoever actually gains the killing blow will have the most reputation, and those who die will be kind of laughed at.
- Rust Dragons will get an ability other than Dragon Stomp which is what makes them rather retarded.
- Side lane spawns will be removed from inane mode and replaced by spawns at different locations or different events. Center lane will become the "Focus of attention".
- Inner base defenses will be stronger, and "fortress" defenses a little different in design. Since there will be no more ramps leading into spawn areas, those areas will be more suspectible to attack. Actually designing these areas will be a bit tough.
- There'll be plenty of secret places to backdoor with warrier man x and other such heroes.
- More waygates that lead to potentially helpful destinations.

- Creation of the "Reputation" system. Reputation is awarded by killing enemy heroes. Every kill gives you one reputation point. Double, triple kills ect also give more reputation.

Reputation is redeemed through some way that allows you to access things in a kind of a token system. The more powerful events require more reputation points, which are consumed when you use them. Things like...

* Summoning a spawn of an Epic unit of your choice on each lane.
* Increased damage of all creeps for a short duration.
* Summoning avatars of powerful creatures, including the Doom God, on a lane of your choosing.
* Attempting assassinations on enemy heroes. (Summons special creeps that seek out and attack them.)
* Evoking powers of your deity to enact effects on both enemies and allies, such as biblical plagues and miracles.
* Turning on a Titan Reactor and evoking mass inanity.

Re: Loladins of Legend

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 4:20 am
by IskatuMesk
More heroes!

Forces of Evil

Sharky - Flying Shark

Sharky, from MFTG, joins the fray. As his name implies, he's a flying shark that rapes people. His trademark ability is his high-pitched screeches which can liquify one's brain, and his taste in men.

Grease - Sharky is so greasy that enemies often find it hard to simply get a hold of him, let alone land a wounding blow. Basically evasion.
Disturbing Wink - Winks at a target from afar, causing him to shudder horribly, and dazing him for 3/4/5/6 seconds for 30/40/50/60% speed.
Extrapolate Vulnerabilities - Molest a melee-range target, dealing base damage 2/3/4/5 times (individual hits) while stunning them for 2 seconds.
Epic Squeal - Sharky lets out a super high-pitched scream, sending out harmonic shockwaves that possess the ability to liquify blood vessels inside an individual's brain. These sound waves will bounce off of walls and other solid objects, reflecting the horrific noise back and wounding anyone else who hears them - including allies. (The initial waves do not hurt allies).

The Defiler

The Defiler is from MFTG.

Desire-Altering Beam Gun - Shoots a target with a hormone-hijacking laser, causing them to lose control and attack anything nearby, including allies, for 4/5/6/7 seconds. High cooldown.
Penetrate - Penetrates a target, dazing them and leaving behind a nasty DoT. Melee-ranged.
Plot Device - When the Defiler is killed, he has a 6/8/10/12% chance to be instantly reincarnated at a random location within 500/1000/2000/3000 distance. Should this check fail, the Defiler has a 20/30/40/50% chance to suddenly go flying at extreme speeds when killed in a random direction, exploding on contact with anything he hits. If he hits an enemy, that enemy is launched a great distance.
Greater Flail (Ultimate)- The Defiler begins to flail, spinning at high speeds and bouncing around. Anything he hits is knocked aside and dazed. When Flail finishes, the Defiler will collapse into a black hole and suck in all nearby units, then explode, dealing massive damage to them all, and killing the Defiler. This also can proc Plot Device. When the black hole ends, a Walrus appears.

The Purple Dinosaur

The Purple Dinosaur is the largest Evil unit, even larger than Jamidr and Mal`Gammagan. He is a pervert.

Collect Mass - Causes the Purple Dinosaur to grow in size. Also produces a black hole effect around him. Enemy units within 600 distance at slowed, enemy units within 400 distance are slowed greater, and enemy units within 100 distance at sucked in to his location every second. Additionally, this increases the Purple Dinosaur's armor. Ranges may need to be modified to compensate for his immense collision.
Grasp - The Purple Dinosaur grasps an enemy. If the enemy has more than triple agility than the Purple Dinosaur, this will miss. If they fail the check, the Purple Dinosaur will attach himself to them, reducing their movement speed by 80% and draining their life by 5/8/10/12% per second for 3 seconds.
Static Charge - The Purple Dinosaur's immense size grants him his own atmosphere, an atmosphere that becomes excited when he moves. When the Purple Dinosaur activates this ability, he spins around rapidly, generating an electric storm that zaps random nearby units. This also allows the Purple Dinosaur to walk over cliffs like X.
Horrifying Gaze (Ultimately) - The Purple Dinosaur sets his eyes on fresh meat. He stares at them and grins wildly, sending them into a panic. This is a strong fear effect, like Conflagarate. Additionally, it reduces their armor. It is channeled. When discontinued, it dazes the targets.



Mr.Freak, the powerful protagonist of MFTG.

Masculinity - Mr.Freak gains a chance to deal a string of critical strikes during a buff effect. A bit like X's Flurry, but criticals. The criticals deal 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8x damage. Additionally, this grants a small evasion.
Hurl Object - Mr.Freak throws a heavy object, such as a town hall or a walrus, at a target. This throws them backwards and stuns them for a short duration.
Cheat - Mr.Freak cheats, causing a random effect. Not sure what these effects might be yet. Perhaps random buffs or debuffs to those around him.
Bounce (Ultimate) - Mr.Freak throws himself forward, bouncing off of walls. He hurls aside those he strikes and deals a moderate amount of damage. Every bounce he gains speed. He can bounce a maximum of 10/20/30 times and deals str-based damage.

Captain William

Captain William, a Confederate ship captain from MFTG's ITAS.

Discipline Staff - William beats his staff into action with a .45, causing his ship to respond faster and move faster for a short duration.
Mirror Cannon - Fires two lasers at the ship's side and bounces a damaging laser between them. Based on one of Xenon's older spells. This damaging laser can bounce off of walls as well, so you can use this to "trap" an enemy hero and deal multiple hits to them.
Rally - Rally allies nearby into fighting action. Their next attacks deal bonus damage, and they gain bonus mana regeneration for a short period of time.
Call of Duty - For a short period of time, William's ship gains several extra cannons that work like in Battleships. What cannons are added depends on the level, including - machineguns, cannons, lasers, and cluster rockets.


Soljitsu Drake hero from Eternity. Ranged.

Omega - Charges up a frontal beam attack similar to the one in Dota. The longer the charge maintained before firing, the greater the damage. When this beam hits something, it will explode and deal its aoe at that point.
Solaris - When a physical attack is made against Posarion, that attack has a 10/14/16/18% chance to fail and instead give Posarion 10/14/16/18% of that attack's damage worth in mana. This doesn't work if the attack were to be fatal.
Tear - Creates a Tear at a location that zaps nearby enemies. Low cooldown, high mana cost.
Spirit Bomb (Ultimate) - Focuses all of Posarion's mana into a bomb, then launches it at a target location. Takes 3 seconds to charge. The projectile moves relatively slowly, and the size of the explosion is rather large. This attack works like Meteor, dealing more damage to individual targets than to large masses. If it hits a single target, he's going to get tickled.

Any of these heroes can be added in any given order. They're there for whoever intends to add heroes to look at. I do intend however to run through tip's heroes and balance them accordingly before adding them to an "official list".

Additionally, a way need to be devised to fix creeps who get stuck after being stunned/feared/ect.

Re: Loladins of Legend

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 7:18 am
by Xenon
Just an update on the projectile system. Currently there are 3 different types:

2D Simple: This behaves like default homing projectiles in War3, including arcing. It can target a unit or a point. Unlike War3 projectiles, it can attempt to arc towards a moving target (when a target moves, War3 projectiles stop arcing and fly straight towards the target). It can also be set to hover above terrain at a fixed distance.

2D Linear: Moves straight until it hits something. Hovers over terrain.

2D Advanced: Can be given an acceleration, a turn rate, a drag value, and initial velocity upon firing. Currently is restricted to hovering above terrain because I can't think of a logical way to adjust its flying height while tracking a target; as a 2D projectile it cannot be given a Z velocity that factors in to its XY velocity.

All projectiles are customizable: they will execute a specified function when they hit their target, collide with a unit (uses immolation damage events), collide with impassable terrain etc.

I haven't done any 3D projectiles yet because those would desync from the things I specified before. Also I'd have to figure out the math for turning the projectile towards the target with a limited turn rate.

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Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:22 am
by tipereth
Olympic Sprinter(Slardar)    COMPLETE
Slardar was a fish with just one wish. He wanted to run and play in the sun. BUT HE DIDN'T HAVE LEGS. Agi hero for chasing.

Increases Slardar's move speed by 100/200/300/400 for 10 seconds. Also removes all magic effects from Slardar.

Anchor Smash
Gives a 10% chance on attack to deal 90/180/270/360 damage to nearby units.

Smashes the ground, leaving a fault line. If an enemy unit wanders into the line, the line will rupture, dealing 90/180/270/360 AoE damage and stunning for 1 second. 1/2/3/4 fault lines max. Fault lines are permanent until activated or overwritten. 30 second cooldown.

Stampede. 30/40/50 dudes summoned per second in a large AoE, each dude deals 40/45/50 damage per hit.

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Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 1:33 pm
by Mr.
tipereth wrote: Overtide
Stampede. 30/40/50 dudes summoned per second in a large AoE, each dude deals 40/45/50 damage per hit.
lol balance is far gay ppl

And holy crap, that's a lot of hero ideas.  Now if only the existing ones worked.

Re: Loladins of Legend

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 4:09 pm
by tipereth
All of mine are just reworks of shit I fucked up the first time. So there.

Re: Loladins of Legend

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 5:22 pm
by IskatuMesk
As I said, "existing" is a relative term right now. I'm purging all of the incomplete heroes when the tavern system is done. So there will only be functional ones in the rooster. Yes,  rooster.

Also be careful with stampede. Even in Bill's map it can be retarded.

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:51 am
by Mucky
this is probably off-topic but it's very important that you guys listen to this

Re: Loladins of Legend

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:06 pm
by Zilla-
<3 arcan

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Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:11 pm
by IskatuMesk
Okay, the work on the new terrain has begun.

There will be some very important things to note right away.

- Mid lane is considerably shorter than the side lanes. Only a single row of towers separates the bases. The central area is much more open than the other lanes, as well. This is going to make mid-lane extremely pitched and the place to be for high-speed action. In response, the internal base defenses for mid lane are considerably stronger. Mid towers also include a tier1 NPC (Nura`Ku defender).
- The side lanes have two rows of towers currently.
- Inner bases are a bit more spacey. They won't be clones of each other, either. Instead, they'll be built to benefit the abilities of the bosses for the base. There'll be more room to move around in a boss fight and they'll have a higher aggro range.
- Tier2 defense NPC's, being Bloodstone Guardians and Priestess' of the Stars will lose their high-end single-shot AoE in favor of a lesser aoe ability. This high-damage aoe will instead be given to the tier3 defenders. Then they'll be sprinkled around a bit more liberally instead of towers, especially near Fortresses. This will make Fortress defenses a bit more durable to make up for the larger ramps leading into the bases and the more likelyhood of getting swamped in huge numbers of dudes.
- Creep maximum respawn times will be reduced to around half of their current probably.
- I am going to double respawn penalties.

Check bellow for a glimpse at what the map looks like right now. Don't pay attention to the fact the textures are all weird, just note the layout.

- Spawn buildings are now off to the side and out of the way. They'll still attract creeps into attacking them because they have an attack.
- Creeps will spawn right in the middle of the lane to prevent cluttering.
- Seargents are inside the base a little bit more.
- Mid lane is going to be exceptionally inane and the focus for a lot of action.
- Inner base defenses will be MUCH more significant than previously, to help a team who lost a fortress (lane) keep in the game. I am still unsure about ressurecting buildings.

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:08 am
by IskatuMesk
Update #2

Started on the north lane. Making the lanes extra large so the creeps have plenty of space to move around.

May alter towers and npcs so that only one tower is present at tower points instead of two out of laziness to place them just perfectly in symmetricalness.

What's going to be annoying is making the creeps not backdoor shit. So I developed a cunning plan.

- Top and bottom lanes will have two extra regions, and center will have 1.
- When a creep casts a spell, new triggers will be made that detects the faction and the region it's in.
- Creep gets "redirected" to attack either the corner or enemy fortress
- Movement regions pick creep up, it continues on its merry way.
- Gank areas will be walled off with regions preventing creeps from going into them.

However, solving the issues where creeps try to move back into the base when it's being attacked, when creeps stand still doing nothing after being stunned, ect. are all going to be very gay.

I can't say I know much about triggers so my plan to fix this is going to have to be done by someone else, or someone else can come up with an alternate plan.

Instead of having a trigger that pulses every 5-10 seconds checking every single creep on the map, causing needless lag, a trigger will sort through a small number of creeps every so often based on their location and faction. The trigger will detect if the creeps have a current order. If they don't, it tells them to move much like the anti-backdoor spellcasting trigger.

If I had known how much work this was going to be, between terraining and fixing broken creep-related shit, I'd probably have just said screw it.

- Control points are going to be introduced at long last. They are between Center and Top, and Center and Bottom, a little off to side of the raised terrain. You'll gain control of them by shooting a cannon garrison. Each one you control contributes directly to your Epic spawns. If you control none, you get no epic spawns. These do not effect Legendary spawns.
- Neutral respawning creeps will be introduced, A la dota. A way to get gold, since faction creeps will give less gold and exp. These creeps won't necessarily be soloable, though.

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:48 am
by tipereth
Just gonna throw my idea in here: The main problem is that some heroes can just consistently backdoor suicide spawns and wear them down. A solution, in my eyes, is to have a dude cast healing salve on the buildings so that they regenerate quickly when they aren't under attack.

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:34 pm
by tipereth
Superior Tactician(Yog)
A support hero for the Loladins. Has an innate Superior Tactics aura that grants nearby allies a % of his int in bonus damage. It starts at 1% and goes up to 10%, leveling up as the hero does.

Envenomed Spears
Attacks deal 10/15/20/25 damage per second for 3 seconds.

Makes a target unit invisible for 10/20/30/40 seconds. 10 second cooldown.

Gives all allied heroes a buff. When they are attacked, there is a 10/20/30/40% chance that a unit with the Superior Tactics aura will be summoned to his side. Should result in hilarity, as well as the potential for heroes to randomly be teleported all over the place. Lasts 20 seconds, 60 second cooldown.

Coordinate Assault
Makes a target enemy hero bigger, slowing it's attack and move speeds by 10/20/30%. Also gives it a big arrow over its head to make it easier to focus fire, and makes it take 3/6/9 additional damage from any incoming damage source. Autocastable, 5 second cooldown.

Re: Loladins of Legend

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 1:14 am
by IskatuMesk
Progressing faster than I presumed. I now have the map working in-game.

- The lanes turned out way bigger then what I thought. The total distance crossed is like half or 3/4 of that in the old terrain. So fast that there was no creeps in mid or bottom for too long so I literally halved the respawn timers. However they are immensely wide. Which is probably good since creep battles will finally be unrestricted by terrain.

- Most of the creep-related locations are broken and need serious fixing.
- The map should be ready by next SS. (Not this coming one)

edit - Ran into creeps getting locked out of movement again so restored an initial respawn value of 24+2 seconds (+2 per upgrade) to a maximum of 60 second respawns. This seemed adequet to keep the action going.

Gonna reduce the side lane size a small amount purely so towers can't be skipped easily when chasing someone. Mid lane will remain very open and large.

- When you pick your hero/respawn, you'll appear in an isolate sector linked to your main via a two-way waygate. Here is your basic item vendors.
- In your base are more advanced component vendors. Item vendors in your respawn area do not sell components. Only vendors in your base and throughout Mars. Once someone devises an item combo system I'll work out some items and components.
- Question: Boss drops components for items - Yes or No? I'll go either way.
- Respawning creeps and stuff will have to wait until I figure out how they work or someone else takes up the flag. At the moment I will be entirely devoted to terrain, creep pathing, divisions and defenses.
- Creep pathing is going to be a serious bastard to get fully functional due to the addition of "gank" lanes and the spellcasting fix trigger making them backdoor it + the anti-backdoor scripts making them backdoor. I am going to have to trigger situational triggers for both factions for every single backdoorable location.
- Both bases are rather spacious now. They'll be littered with defenses and such. Bosses will have a considerable aggro range.
- Currently I plan to have the t3 NPC's able to cast a salv on each other and buildings that will regenerate health over time when they aren't being attacked. T3 NPC's will be present in Fortresses (creep building clusters) and in the inner sanctums. They will not be able to ressurect buildings. Nothing will be able to.
- There will also be t4, t5, and special defense npc's.
- "Captain" units are a high priority on my list. A different captain spawns with each wave. Captains provide small movement speed bonuses to all nearby creeps (not heroes). They also benefit directly from division upgrades. Currently I have 3 types of captains planned for each division - offensive caster, offensive melee, and melee tank. Captain abilities will be base primarily around buffing allied creeps, so keeping them alive will help a push greatly.
- Although the map remains considerably larger than say, Dota, the placeable towers and overall simplification of the lane geometry means much less time will be spent running around. I can cross the map, on foot without boots, on the tyrant decently quickly, from Isador to Flailsaloot. Add in boots, other items, and special stuff and the size won't be an issue anymore.
- I've begun selecting the Soundtrack for the map. Loladins and Forces of Evil will get their own 4-piece ambience music + themes for the first 60 second preparation period of the game.
- I want to jack the Dota kill strings. Any takers?


Current bosses;

- Champion;
* Will lose any aoe + invulnerability.
* Slightly less base damage.
* Aura will not slow.

- Royal Champion;
* Weaken AoE
* Loses invulnerability and Soul Bind.
* Aura will not slow.

- Doackmaster;
* Will receive ability buff and lose base damage.

- Giga Whelp;
* Will lose (insane) base damage.
* Will gain Whelp-related abilities.

- Giga Scorpy;
* Will lose base damage + cleave
* Will gain a massive aoe launch ability.

- Rust Dragon;
* Will gain health, lose base damage
* Dragon Stomp will be turned into an ability similar to what the Tyrant has.
* Will gain Flight Form that hopefully doesn't crash the game.
* Rust Bomb will be more dangerous.
* Will gain Rust Breath.

New bosses....!?

I have a huge pile of graphics of various dragons and such that were converted for my Eternity campaign but never made it into the game. These include manhandled dragons for the Corrupt faction which will surely see some cameo appearances as bosses in the AoS. I want these bosses to be more than just tanking down and healing with stupidly powerful items. They'll have abilities and mechanics that require thinking to bring them down. But you won't see these for a while. They are a very low priority atm. Still, I'll probably use some of the models for heroes and divisions that I'll be adding.

Tavern system

I need to create this ASAP. I assume I can just look at Cockfighting Arena's data.