The Forgotten... a new story is told...

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The Forgotten... a new story is told...

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In a land where the Lich King Arthas’ touch has not spread, peace has subsided. In the land of Sidul, war hasn’t arrived in years since Lothar and the humans left Stormwind, which is when Sidul first felt the Orc’s burning touch. Ever since King Malan led the combined armies of the Tebesian army, Nimgard Elves and Stoneaxe Dwarves against the arriving Orcs and forced them off the coast of Nimgard/Tebesia. Peace has returned to the land, and the mighty tree Perdanasil which gives the land its lush and rich atmosphere and peaceful surroundings prospers, flourishing the land with life.

Until now…

The Land has been touched, and not by the Scourge, nor the Horde, but by distrust, greed, and power… all flaws that the human race carries. It caused unrest between the Elves and Humans which cast them out of the Alliance and of the wonderful castle of Tebesia into their sacred forests once again in Nimgard. The Dwarves still showed their trust to the human race for them to don’t like the Elves of their weak stature. With the casting out of the Elves from their failing alliance, the mighty tree Perdanasil from which all trees on Sidul stemmed from began to corrupt, slowly within. This awoke the Nimgard Druids the highest power of the Nimgard Elves to take care of the tree.

Years past and more problems began to arise. Skirmishes became common, theft, murder, assassination attempts became increasingly common. All of Tebesia pointed to the Elves and the Elves pointed back. What came to arise in King Malan’s court was the new Draxon Order, a magic order that sole purpose was to weaken the Elves and remove their magic ‘taint’ so they could be little threat to Tebesia and the well being of all living life. Their proposal pleased Malan and allowed them to work and have influence in the courts of Tebesia, small but substantial enough, just what they wanted.

Two events happened in the following months; a man entered at the gate of Tebesia and in days became the General of Tebesia, Jordan Staal. Then the next week, tragedy struck as the King was killed in a stroll in the forests of Tebesia, the General was with him whom blamed the Elves for the assassination of the King, whose son became the new King as King Halad.

Some say that the Draxon Order (Cult) is the root of all evil; a few civilians went into the gate where they work and never returned, or at least the same. Some speculate that the Draxon Order is behind the assassination and falsely blamed the Elves even before King Malan accepted the Order whom casted them out from the castle.

It’s been over a year since the events have occurred and the Draxon Cult has been at low key. Nothing has changed in Sidul, the Elves and Humans have not been allies or plan to be, Dwarves have been targeted by Humans in the cities and beat them in the street. Racist Taxes have been issued on the Dwarves, though not by King Halad’s orders but by the General and his Draxon Order.

Darkness has come on Tebesian shores, Orcs have returned and not just normal Orcs. Led by the Warlord Grollok, the Mannoroth-blood stained Orcs have returned and started attacking the outlying villages, slaughtering or capturing all in their path. After Thrall and Grom freed the Orcs, Grollok took a vial of the blood and poured it in a nearby fountain which corrupted the Blacksaw Orc Clan. They contain footholds in many of the southern shores of Tebesia, and a camp near the walls of Tebesia.

The Elves have had recent increasing activity near the Tebesian/Nimgard borders where they prepare defenses incase Tebesia wishes to try and wipe them from existence where they can also watch how the great tree and their druids attempt to heal it. This due to the Orcs corruption and slaughter of the land and bloodshed is corrupting it more, which is now acting as a small portal to the abyssal plains, which no doubt the Draxon Order has used to their advantage to summon a demon to corrupt the ancient ruins to the west and the cemetery. The Druids as of late have contained the portal as much as they can. No matter how much the Humans and Elves dislike one another now, the Humans are too afraid to attack the Druids for they do not know the consequences if the mighty tree is left unchecked.

From the other nation Ashena arrives Prince Melean, a young holy hearted Paladin of high class. He was traveling alone and on the path towards the gate he was ambushed by Orcs, unconscious but saved by the guards, he was dragged into and rejuvenated in the Kings Quarters. People believe he may be able to help settle the peace, possibly stopping the tension of the failing alliance and destroying the Orcs and finding the truth behind recent evens and this Draxon Order… whom seem to serve a dark master they worship in the darkest alleys of the night…

King Halad I
[imgwh 424x238] ... test_2.jpg[/imgwh]

King Halad is a just ruler of Tebesia, taking after his father King Malan III whom everyone loved. King Halad is still young but rules his kingdom with a fair and mature hand that rivaled his father. He is also a skilled warrior and would do nothing less but fight for his own country. After his father was assassinated by the ‘Elves’ he was appointed the throne whom controlled more than 85% of the kingdom and the other 15% of the Draxon Order which seems to be the root of all evil in Tebesia. He appoints Melean to help him later to find the enemy behind his father’s death whom Halad believed the elves wouldn’t just assassinate a king for no reason. When the truth is revealed, he is captured and transported out of the kingdom, leaving Draxon the power again.

General Jordan Staal
[imgwh 299x545] ... rt-big.jpg[/imgwh]

General Staal is a mysterious fellow. In his own land he was known as “The Iron Fist of Fire” who brought his enemies to his knees and slaughtered even woman and children. But after Ashena and the Elves found of his deeds they destroyed his country and forced him out of the land, where he later returned to Tebesia and somehow (with the Draxon Cult influence) became the General under King Malan. He was with Malan when he was assassinated and said Elves did it while he still maintains his power under Halad. Elf scouts say that he was killed in the war, but no one truly proved it, something dark is behind the General’s appearance in Tebesia.

Melean of Ashena
[imgwh 268x234] ... thas-1.jpg[/imgwh]

Melean is a young prince of the rival human nation of Ashena whom is in league with Tebesia but allows some Elves in their land, but have taken restraints on most elves for what happened to Tebesian’s King. Melean heard about Tebesia in trouble with Orc attacks and journeyed to Tebesia to meet Halad. He was ambushed by Orcs at night before entering Tebesian gates. He helps Halad keep the peace in and around Tebesia and comes to a conditional alliance with the Elves, and find the true leader behind the assassination and the Orc’s arrival.

Lich King Arthas
[imgwh 584x250] ... ematic.png[/imgwh]

The Lich King Arthas is the embodied spirits of Ner’zhul and Arthas. It is Arthas who is behind the corruption of the Tebesia and is in the form of General Staal. He corrupted the government with his Draxon Cult promising them power. It is he who convinced the King to banish the Elves; it is he who assassinated the King himself to usurp power. Then it was he who captured Halad to the far mountains of the north while he summons a Frost Wyrm Dragon to rip Halad apart where he can finally take control of Sidul. His main objective was to control Sidul and corrupt the world tree, so he could harness the power of the nature and turn the land into either a frozen hell or a dark abyss. In the end he is confronted by Melean whom saves Halad and uses the power of the light to embody the sword of Tebesian to injure Arthas which causes him to retreat, acknowledging that he was surprised by Melean’s resilience and courage, but vowed to return.

Stefanie Birdsinger
[imgwh 250x294] ... runner.jpg[/imgwh]

Stefanie is the leader of the Nimgard Elves at the border of Tebesia and Nimgard. Melean is first ordered to attack the Elves for they were believed to attack Tebesia first, when Melean kills a few elves he later confronts Stefanie who pleads him to stop and they didn’t cause any attack. She also casts a mystical bridge to the island where the mighty tree resides, she and the druids warn him that the constant bloodshed, not just by the Orcs but between the Men and Elves along with the corruption and deceit is causing the mighty tree to become corrupted any if it gets worse, the whole island would be destroyed. After Melean agrees to help stop the deceit and corruption, she helps by spying on suspects that are believed to cause the tension in Tebesia.

3-4 Maps (1 will probably be interlude) (all 256x256 maps with many quests)
Playable character(s): Melean, a few elves.
Races with a cameo: Orcs, Undead, Night Elf, High Elf, Human, Dragon, Demon.

(Screenshots coming in the next few days!)
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