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Re: Legacy of a Warrior

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 7:42 am
by Meta
Looks really cool. You seem to have a lot of talent with ingame cutscenes, please keep us updated. ;D

Re: Legacy of a Warrior

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:45 am
by Marine
Thank you, I am currently finishing setting up the buildings, units, AI for my third map but I am working on my triggers right now.  Updates for the third map will be coming soon.

Update but to game actual settings, the mission briefings except for one map near the end are just quotes of some soldiers telling about the battles or heroes during the invasion of the Sons of Korhal against the Confederacy. I believe that I have stated earlier when making this campaign that good mission briefing, but i decided not to have people having conversations in mission briefings but rather in game when I can use triggers. Another new thing is that when your selecting which map to play it says a title like "Our story will be heard..." (map 1) a famous war quote is posted in the detail.

Though another update to the game actual settings, I said earlier that the game will be ran on StarCraft Classic as well, but I decided at some parts that it will be tougher to win some of the adventure battles so I decided to add medics into the campaign as they are a old time war troop and deserve to be in even for the Confederacy.

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Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:39 am
by Marine
UPDATE 1: (Extended)

I have finished most of the cut in-game scenes of map 3 and I have taken a few more screenshots. Oh by the way you may by examining the the screenshots this one will be a defense map you know hold the line for 10-20 minutes.
Update 2 will be coming soon, I am like half way finished with map 3, update 2 will hold screenshots of the rest of map 3 and a few from the next map.

Here are the screenshots:

After explaining (while you see the Zerg in space) about the Psi-Emitters to Curtis, the Sons of Korhal have arrived under General Edmund Melest.

It seems they kept the enemy waiting...

You really get to see Curtis' anger and rage, this General knows how to show it.

The siege tanks will bombard death and destruction from afar...

The General really has pissed off Curtis now, negotiations are never going to work anymore, its war!

The defences are destroyed, the siege tank tore through them like paper!

The Sons of Korhal are attacking from all cylinders! They want this reservoir as much as you want to keep it! They'll attack from the air, come from all the road entrances and bombardment from afar.

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Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:43 pm
by Lavarinth

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Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 10:47 am
by chris
Now I understand why screenshots are so essential. I looked at your screenies just now and all of a sudden I find myself desiring to play this campaign.

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Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:02 am
by Marine
A little extra update :)

I have been working on finishing final touches on the third map and I have been starting to work on the fourth map "Desperate Allies..." the third map has been giving me some troubles at finsihing it, sometimes when I want to go through it quickly to test parts the timer goes but the beacon and ending part is set up and ready. But I am still editing and fixing triggers so I will have this problem fixed. (I think it was because I used "at most 1 seconds" not "atleast 1 second" in the timer.

I have three screenshots (1 of the third map and 2 of the second map in SCMDraft.).

[imgwh 640x480] ... k/26-1.jpg[/imgwh]
Curtis Hollin departs from the battle to gain the Ironvault Pirates as allies on the ice moon, Artemis.

[imgwh 640x371] ... ack/27.jpg[/imgwh]
The Ironvault Pirates HQ on Artemis.

[imgwh 640x371] ... ack/28.jpg[/imgwh]
Looks like the Sons of Korhal are here as well.

[imgwh 640x374] ... ack/29.jpg[/imgwh]
A few amounts of Zerg have all ready arrived!

Re: Legacy of a Warrior

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:37 pm
by Aquila
Impressive updates and an original story. Confederate as a victim of Sons of Korhal... I ike such stories, where nothing is simple. Good vs. evil is boring, I'm very happy you also think so. Good luck!

Re: Legacy of a Warrior

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 2:08 pm
by Marine
So far as of this week I have no updates as of now, I am currently still editing the finishing touches of map 4 when they are on the Ice Moon Artemis, and starting map 5 "By the skin of their teeth...", new screenshots will be coming soon but not this week.

Re: Legacy of a Warrior

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:24 pm
by Lavarinth

Re: Legacy of a Warrior

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 5:36 pm
by Marine
I don't have screenshots yet though but I do have a new character profile. The Ironvault Pirates Lieutenant Commander: Justin Smith.

Lieutenant Commander Justin Smith:
The sole-leader of the ragtag squad the Ironvault Pirates. He is also a skillful warrior, he fights to the death and never wishes to give his lands up and his hard to track. He is branded as one of the top ten most wanted in all the Dominion sector for repeatedly harassment on Dominion shipyards and other ports. Though just recently Justin himself was finally spotted, the Dominion caught the Ironvaults working on a small moon-like-planet and immediately engaged them and were hunting Justin himself, though to others it seemed the Ironvaults were being forced to leave the planet for the Dominion to work and plan out its attacks against the failing Confederacy. Though Justin led what was left of his Pirates to warp-space and fled for two years, where he finally made safe haven at the moon Artemis, the ice moon that orbits Grest. When the Dominion/Sons of Korhal landed on Grest and engaged the Grestian Government and the Confederacy, Curtis Hollin arrived on Artemis but was first to engage the Pirates, where he had a harsh victory and nearly defeated the entire pirate army, he was then able to persuade Justin to see through Curtis' eyes and aid them in fighting the Sons of Korhal, but when they arrived Justin really got some excitement for when the Grestian Government betrayed the Confederacy. While they were on the moon they saw the rift open from miles away, but what they saw brought a dark cloud of horror as they saw slowly the Zerg began to pour out of the rift and slowly make their way to Grest, awnsering the call of the Psi-Emitters. Now the Ironvaults finally unleashed their lifelong awaited fury upon both new enemies and are ready to slaughter anyone that gets in their way and especially the Sons of Korhal.


Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 9:13 pm
by Marine

After a few weeks of idea slumped, I have continued to do production. I have returned to fix and update my fourth and I realized that I didnt give you much screenshots, so I have decided to post screenshots of the beginning of my fourth map. Where Curtis Hollin and a small detachment of Confederate troops land on Artemis after being ambushed by some of the Sons of Korhallians who have seemed to beat them to Artemis in hopes of either destroying the Ironvault Pirates or "consuming" them to their ranks.

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/30.jpg[/imgwh]
The arrival...

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/31.jpg[/imgwh]
Landing in the heat of a battle, seems the tide is turning on the pirates...

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/32.jpg[/imgwh]
But the Pirates attack you too, you seem adequate to deal with them...

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/33.jpg[/imgwh]
What?! Zerg!

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/34.jpg[/imgwh]
Incoming message... (The Black bar - I typed in the wrong name on accident so I cut it out :P)

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/35.jpg[/imgwh]
The Commander Justin Smith doesnt know that Curtis Hollin is a Confederate soldier yet...

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/36.jpg[/imgwh]
The Zerg are everywhere...

Also new unit in store.

The Spirits of the Fallen - Behemoth Battlecruiser
The pride and joy of Curtis Hollin's efforts at taking Grest from the Sons of Korhal and the traitorous Grest Government. This massive cruiser only lasted though for a few weeks. After convincing Justin Smith to aid him in the fight against the Sons of Korhal. They return to Grest but before they could land at the reservoir where the true action was taking. The Sons of Korhal set up large bases or outposts to watch for Curtis Hollin and kill on sight. They decided to take out the largest one so they couldnt reinforce the main assault in great detail. When landing Justin noticed in the air that there were several crashed Battlecruisers of the Confederacy in the vacinity. Curtis seized the oppurtunity as he quoted "The Confederate battlecruisers are the pride and joy and represent our army. They are the most deadly machines we can offer!". When they infiltrated the base they stole countless parts from the crashed cruisers, lucky enough they each had a special component along with a fresh large power source and after destroying the base completley after a nuclear bombardment. The Confederates great builders and thinkers completed a machine of devastating power which Curtis named in honor of the dead that had fallen in this conflict. The Spirits of the Fallen, this massive behemoth soared and reined in death over the Sons of Korhal after taking a huge glimpse at this larger than normal cruiser. Though it met its end when the Zerg arrived, it may be strong but it cannot survive constant bombardment from Zerg flyers in a circle - cant turn that quick. When it crashed though, it crashed right into the headquarters of Grest itself, the backlash caused a huge surrounding of the government to fall to the ground. With both James Starlin and the Capital gone, the rest surrendered to Curtis and the Confederacy, finally showing their might and resolute.

Re: Legacy of a Warrior

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:32 am
by Maglok
Wowz, NICE. :)

LoaW Update 2 Addition!

Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:05 pm
by Marine
Update Addition!
Well been workin hard on the new map "The Truth is revealed..." and I decided to post some screenshots of the beginning when Curtis and Justin finally find out that Grest has betrayed them and sided with the Sons of Korhal. More to come and soon. Like Lav said its do or die time!

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/37.jpg[/imgwh]
And they are returning to Grest... finally!

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/38.jpg[/imgwh]
Justin's fighters fly into the fray...

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/39.jpg[/imgwh]
But Curtis and his troops are right behind him...

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/40.jpg[/imgwh]
Grest makes their appearance now...

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/41.jpg[/imgwh]
What is she saying?

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/42.jpg[/imgwh]
Luckily Justin knows the language she is speaking, whew! By making it out it seems she is saying that she is under orders from General Melest.

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/43.jpg[/imgwh]
Trying to take her off track...

[imgwh 640x480] ... ack/44.jpg[/imgwh]
But she found out that the fake Curtis doesnt look anything like the original, shes not so dumb, ATTACK!

By the way some people, if you dont know - she is speaking french.

Remember more to come!

Re: Legacy of a Warrior

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:42 am
by Maglok
Obviously she is speaking french. Duh! Nice though.

Re: Legacy of a Warrior

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:58 pm
by Legion
Looks good man. I'm particularly interested in the story.