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Forum cleanup

Post by IskatuMesk » Tue Mar 31, 2020 6:52 pm

I am cleaning up this subforum of old, irrelevant, discontinued, previously purged etc topics for basically all subjects. As it is, I will probably have the subforum entirely removed from CC in the future since I have stopped posting development and analytical content for a few years now and I won't be pursuing any modding, writing, or related adventures in the future. The only thing really stopping me is, honestly, that some people may still have their bookmarks pointing to the LP thread other than the site and sometimes I prefer to post very minor stuff on the thread over the site anyways. I'm still thinking on it.

Most of these threads were already locked because of bots trying to bump them, and many of the project-related threads were cleansed years ago anyways.

Unfortunately, while I wanted to preserve the Dwarf Fortress content, imageshack's hack years ago broke all of the links and they've been unrecoverable since I don't have that stuff anymore. While I would like to create new DF content we all know it's not going to happen. I'll leave those threads as they are for the time being.

Posts like the old model galleries, dev threads, old articles and such are also purged since they are shameful and gross.

I have kept most at least somewhat relevant third-party OP's here, however, even if their content isn't particularly relevant anymore.

This is part of an initiative due to events a few years ago that encouraged me to reduce my online presence to near-zero and needlepoint the focus of my content to positive, productive projects rather than languishing on myriad historical mistakes.
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