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Alpha 3.5 - Game Ricky vs Mesk (Videos & Shots)

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 11:43 pm
by Ricky_Honejasi

Re: Alpha 3.5 - Game Ricky vs Mesk (Videos & Shots)

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 1:15 am
by IskatuMesk
Growler definitely gives ricky some serious lag.

I'll make a basic battlereport of this match.

Rick vs Mesk Game #02, version Alpha 3.5

I started with Sarenjavo, Expander/Anarchist who was Deep Hive and ricky went a typical cosmos build with Loladins. I expected Ricky to mass advisors and champions of light (the new high-end loladin units) so I went for pure economy and built many towns right away since finding them was difficult.

As I had nerfed enchants significantly the only cheese Ricky could accomplish was those goddamn trees and loading all of his heroes with machine pistol on items that I had conveniently overlooked in my changes.

We didn't encounter each other until the very end but that didn't mean it wasn't gay. To the east of my main was a large snow area completely filled with massive independant groups that only decided to show up after I had captured all of the towns with my legendary hero, Captain William. For the record, throughout the entire game only a single hero would join me.

I returned with captain william and shot 8 or so sizable groups of independents. And then some really, really big groups showed up, including one with a tier 6 Dread Legion glacial wyrm that killed william. I later brought a bigger group to try to get rid of this pack that was stealing my towns (again, for the 4th time), but the wyrm ambushed them before I could form them up and killed those too. Then I finally killed it with my main group. One of the last independant parties had a Scourge (deep hive t4 disabler) which I was able to diplomasize.

Eventually I found ricky who was conveniently close to one of my new Confederate towns. I lured him away from it with my bladewasps and quickly built a wizard tower there, which I could teleport to from 3 parts of the map. I then flanked him on both sides with several large groups of units including a Deep Destroyer, a very strong t8 siege unit. Slow, but very tough to kill.

Incidentally I blew up the first town that I came by. Then, magically, my 1400 Deep Destroyer just vanished. It didn't rebel, it didn't desert, it just vanished and I have no fucking clue what happened to it. With my primary offensive power gone and myself fully expecting to get raped by a mass of advisors I ran away, but my other groups continued upwards in secret - including a bunch of disablers and heavy air across a river.

One of my sub groups finally flanked this plain and captured one of his towns in a fairly generic fight. Surely enough this drew out his heroes, which I was able to lure into my reforming main lines. Ricky attacked these at the beginning of the next turn and only half of my parties got into it. While they dealt sizable damage, they aggrod an independent party which did a surprising amount of damage and killed 2-3 of my units during the fight. With ricky's party exhausted of his immense amount of mana and one-shot abilities, a couple of my SECOND parties attacked him afterwards and this was certain death.

After that, I sealed the game by backdooring one of his towns with my disablers. Since all of his towns had wizard towers this meant I could teleport a massive amount of my awaiting air units into his terrain and he didn't have anything to stop them. At that point, he surrendered since it would pretty much be only a matter of time until I got more defilers or whatnot to take the rest of his towns.


- Need to make those gay trees require more than 1 sphere.
- Need to fix machine pistol.
- Need to find out why the Destroyer vanished.
- Need to figure out how to make independent groups even more inane.
- I need to add more heroes. At least double the amount for alpha 4. There needs to be more heroes and unconverted heroes need to be converted. It isn't uncommon to run out of heroes on day 20 in an 8-player game for all alignments. And most of them are dead by then. Only Legendaries who sit inside bases seem to live that long, especially in a computer's suicidal hands.
- As far as unit balance is concerned, it seems to be a lot better than it was before. Costs weren't too absurd, except maybe spending 1400 on a vanishing beetle. Perhaps Deep Hive need another ranged option other than Bombardiers and Deep Scarabs. Or maybe not. They seem strong enough with 3 primary disablers and 2 artillery. Most races don't get strangle at all and Deep Hive have 2 (Eye of Crom and Bladewasp). So, the Deep Hive is just about finished unit-wise.
- Since ricky didn't try to get high-end units I couldn't compare them to Deep Hive ones yet. I am pretty sure the Deep Destroyer is appropriately stronger than the Champion in a direct fight but their differences lay in their abilities. Champions are cheaper and have strong healing, but Destroyers are protected against magic and immune to several elements and cost more, but are slower. Destroyers can also disable units with cold and entangle strike. Speaking of entangle strike, I removed that from items, too. It seems to proc every single hit on any unit with less than 15 res and this is absurd. Once a Minotaur t2 had it and he could solo just about anything.
- Speaking of items, I wish I could make items give health. But I don't seem to be able to. But I intend to make high-end items a bit more high-end. Because fortresses and stuff will be receiving massive defense increases.

Re: Alpha 3.5 - Game Ricky vs Mesk (Videos & Shots)

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 10:38 am
by Ricky_Honejasi
I think you should let the woods at lv1 because for pure cosmos, it's probably one of the few effective spells that you can't unload your mana on.

Heck, I did quite a few spell researches ... pretty much only managed to get weakening spells that are only usable in combat so you can't spam them on upcoming troops AND you need a set of heroes to really make them decent (and not just use 4 combat turns just to be able to weaken a single troop to hell). Pure cosmos doesn't have any summons either (requires quests for them).

I spent MORE mana transferring my items to my heroes than I spent mana using spells in that game and you know that if I got any half-decent spammable spell from days 1-6, I would have done so.

Re: Alpha 3.5 - Game Ricky vs Mesk (Videos & Shots)

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:48 pm
by IskatuMesk
Ah yes. The 2.5k mana I spent just to load my wizard with items he couldn't even use.