Regarding ITAS AI/Units

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Regarding ITAS AI/Units

Post by RawrMonster » Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:36 pm

Why is Mafia and Undead AI really overpowered? Like really really overpowered. Mafia race is just literally unstoppable, 3 of your AI team is dead around mid-game. Same with undead AI, they spam loads of units, don't attack you much, but really hard to penetrate their base.


7v1 (Me Undead, 6 AI Confed vs Mafia) ... TTTTTZ.rep

7v1 (Me Mafia, 6 AI Confed vs Undead) ... TTTTvZ.rep

7v1 (Me Confed, 6 Ai Confed vs Mafia) ... TTTTTT.rep

Ranking in AI:
1. Mafia
2. Undead
3. Confederacy

Only way I can defeat Mafia is to get splash dmg units (Confed: Battleships, Densukiis, Undead: Rightious Sponges, Mafia: Corsairs). Is there anyway to alter AI strength? Ty!

P.S. Any1 willing to play ITAS 1v1 or 7 vs Mafia?

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Re: Regarding ITAS AI/Units

Post by IskatuMesk » Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:25 pm

As the saying goes, incomplete stuff tends to be unbalanced. Mafia (aka kaloth industries) are much more difficult because of the following reasons:

- Default protoss tech tree means units are much more easily acquired, especially with the free money the AI gets.
- The units are better at upfront combat and don't rely in synergy as much as XE or Undead do. KA/mafia units are generally designed to be big, slow, and have strong upfront damage, but can get overwhelmed. Of course, their race is by far the least finished, and the units they have are exceedingly strong for their availability.
- Hardcode. The AI in the game is totally locked behind hardcode except for some build order related stuff. I can't even scrape the surface of the kind of bugs the game has with the computer AI in a multi-paragraph synopsis. In short, nothing works like it should. This will compound AI's like the Xenon Project who are Terran and by nature have some of the most problematic hardcoded issues related to them.

ITAS AI in particular predates the design changes I discovered and learned during the creation of ZAPOC and Mighty Crusader (which can be seen in the BWAI launcher). Therefore, I would expect most of it isn't as good as it could be anyways.

I don't think anyone around here really plays mods. I know I don't.

To alter the AI, you can pull out the aiscript.bin using winmpq from the exe and edit it in an ai editor of your choice. The special units and structures will need their id's referenced respectively, I think. If you have no familiarity with AI editing in starcraft, don't expect to get anywhere. And if you do, you probably realize not much improvement can be done short of reverse engineering the exe or using the BWAPI hack and rebuilding it from scratch in much a similar manner.
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