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Let's Play - Video Media

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:38 pm
by IskatuMesk
Refer to the comment thread for updates on releases.

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Re: Let's Play - Video Media

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:01 pm
by IskatuMesk

Re: Let's Play - Video Media

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:57 pm
by IskatuMesk

Re: Let's Play - Video Media

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:45 pm
by IskatuMesk
8===========D WOAH, BIG

Re: Let's Play - Video Media

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:49 am
by IskatuMesk
This is a podcast run by the inhouse crew. Brought up originally as an idea by wibod, our subjects are likely to range from the game's industry to specific elements to whatever garbage gets scraped out of the bucket. Expect exceptional political incorrectness and potentially rage. If you have suggestions for topics, feel free to PM either of us or post in the comment thread.

The crew;

IskatuMesk - A closet homosexual furry with a love for luxury and a seething hatred for capitalism.
Wibod - He's a Renaissance man whose perfume smells suspiciously of chloroform.
Hunter_Killers - Has a taste for Belgian cuisine and enjoys tight spaces.

Previous guests;

TheCoach - Aka The Russian. Note - Not actually Russian.
Milldawg - An extremely educated, well-informed opinionist.
Dr.Schwa - oh my god a female wtf is this
Raxyl - Token transblack

Our conversations are intensely highbrow and hard boiled.

Recordings are entirely unscheduled and any guesting setups are undecided.

Previous releases;
Ep 1 - Devil May Cry. - Mp3 - 113mb
Wibod has a boner to pick with the new, edgy DMC.

Ep 2 - Middleware. - Mp3 - 90mb
The reliance on Middleware is a surefire recipe for failure.

Ep 3 - Storytelling. - Mp3 - 120mb
Time to rip these turds apart.

Ep 4 - Gameplay Mechanics. - Mp3 - 105mb
If only we had a Herchanic for these Mechanics. Oh ho ho!

Ep 5 - DMC1 and MMO PvP. - Mp3 - 72mb
Nothing really conclusive, but I finished DMC1 and shared some thoughts (spoilers for the LP albeit minor). We then talk a little abit about WoW and MMO PvP which will certainly have to be continued later on.

Ep 6 - COMRADE. - Mp3 - 70mb
Mother Russia shares her thoughts about the new trainwreck from Gearbox and some other goofy stuff.

Ep 7 - DMC2 and Music. - Mp3 - 55mb

Ep 8 - DRM. - Mp3 - 65mb
Darkling Rectal Mantrain. Dramatic Rectal Maneuver. Devastating Rectal Massacre. Whichever way you orient it, it's going in rectally.

Ep 9 - hots for u. - Mp3 - 60mb
Heat of the Swarm.

Ep 10 - men. - Mp3 - 90mb
Various topics.

Ep 11 - Hambeasts. - Mp3 - 90mb
Game Journalism, bad development ethics (re: blizzard), and others occupy this angry, sleepy rantathon. There is a lot of background screaming and yelling and stuff at times on my end. Don't ask.

Ep 12 - Indie developers - Mp3 - 40mb
They're lazy and incompetent, but sometimes amongst the trash of indie developers you just might find someone who actually gives a shit.

Ep 13 - Dragon's Dogma & Positional bitches - Mp3 - 73mb
In this confusing podcast, Wibod talks about Dragon's Dogma and I used League of Legends to spark a confusing and pointless rant about how every game is casual and lacks positional gameplay or environmental character..

Ep 14 - Multilard = Esports - Mp3 - 69mb
RE6, Xbox One, Mobas and more.

Ep 15 - Multilard = Esports - Mp3 - 54mb
DMC3, Rising Storm, and more.

Ep 16 - e3 is boring - Mp3 - 53mb
E3 and stupid dumb indie shit.

Ep 17 - lol indie devs round 2 - Mp3 - 39mb
Short and dumb. Just like Canadians.

Ep 18 - lol steam - Mp3 - 60mb
Wibod talks about butts, I express my hatred for Steam and how it promotes micro transactions, some game talk, and little bits inbetween. Yes, I am that fidgety when I am talking - I guess it's my anxiety.

Ep 19 - bears - Mp3 - 84mb
We encourage HKS to make a Skyrim mod. I'm sure there's other bullshit in this but I forget.

Ep 20 - I hate Capitalism - Mp3 - 57mb
Wibod links me to some retarded game journalist article really early into my morning and I get pissed off.

Ep 21 - MMO's (Many Men's Orifices) - Mp3 - 70mb
Audio balance was all over the place so I added an extra level of compression.

Ep 22 - lol indie developers again - Mp3 - 63mb
Payday 2, dumb indie developers, games journalists making fools out of themselves ad infinitum, etc..

Ep 23 - shmups, killzone, canada digital technology sucks - Mp3 - 74mb

Ep 24 - SC:U, unreal tournament, mesk updates, etc - Mp3 - 68mb

Ep 25 - d3, cod - Mp3 - 67mb

Ep 26 - cod, mobas, butts - Mp3 - 63mb
Snowballing is another usefully vague term.

Ep 27 - ff14, buttcoins - Mp3 - 76mb
More MMO talk.

Ep 28 - the hues - Mp3 - 75mb
SteamOS, Mantle, GTA5, and more ff14

Ep 29 - shooters, kz3 - Mp3 - 64mb
HKS reminds me of a startling revelation I forgot about Killzone 3 during the review and the discussion continues from there.

Ep 30 - Can games be Art? - Mp3 - 78mb
We consider if and how a game can be considered art.

Ep 31 - Consoles are dumb - Mp3 - 93mb
After a long period of being super sick, I am finally able to get some new recording in. Wibod struggles with complex microphone plugs and all sorts of subjects are touched upon in this lengthy double cast. The audio balance isn't perfect, unfortunately.

Ep 32 - hue - Mp3 - 82mb
Wibod gets a taste of Dark Souls, and I give a preview to Darksiders 2.

Ep 33 - huehue - Mp3 - 80mb
General discussion and some talk about hardware.

Ep 34 - new years - Mp3 - 60mb

Ep 35 - mast mustard - Mp3 - 41mb
A fairly laid-back cast without any major focus points.

Ep 36 - junk jelly - Mp3 - 57mb
SR4, ME3, ...

Ep 37 - rod rum - Mp3 - 77mb
Discussion about AI.

Ep 38 - michael bay edition - Mp3 - 76mb
dongs r us

Ep 39 - Difficulty in games - Mp3 - 91mb
more talking about shitty (and a handful of not so shitty) games

Ep 40 - flesh snorkle - Mp3 - 56mb
Some general updates and talk about engines and such

Ep 41 - Guy'd Mast - Mp3 - 74mb
Yep, hipsters are still retards.

Ep 42 - 42+++ - Mp3 - 74mb
What the fuck is going on, anyway?

Ep 43 - lool - Mp3 - 43mb
lol @ games journalists and scam citizen and casuals

Ep 44 - warm - Mp3 - 59mb
general upd8s

Ep 45 - multiplayer interactions - Mp3 - 101mb
a fairly lengthy cast discussing a variety of subjects, including group interaction in MMO's/moba ranked teams.

Ep 46 - bongwater - Mp3 - 111mb
Discussion about controls, communities, and more tales of bad people.

Ep 47 - bongwater THE REVENGE - Mp3 - 147mb
Another lengthy AWP to tide you over during my move. Discussions involve Scam Citizen, publishers, my current events, future coop casts, and other small talk.

Ep 48 - bongwater THE REVENGE 2 - Mp3 - 94mb
General update, some talk about mods and editors and such.

Ep 49 - hi - Mp3 - 68mb
Starcraft 2 being 3d is a key indicator of hipsterism. Also SJW's are retarded. Also updates on current projects.

Ep 50 - hi: the revenge - Mp3 - 84mb
hi xd

Ep 51 - hi: the revenge black edition - Mp3 - 56mb
lol nvidia

Ep 52 - paid mods rofl - Mp3 - 133mb
we laugh at valve and bethesda in a lengthy discussion

Ep 53 - wibod's cat - Mp3 - 72mb
Audio was a mess to balance for this one for some reason.

Ep 54 - last year's games - Mp3 - 90mb
Schwa-chan joins us to regale in some of the games we played last year.

Ep 55 - wibod's cat THE REVENGE - Mp3 - 56mb
just general banter

Ep 56 - indie devs - Mp3 - 74mb
hks wakes up mid-recording and goes hogwild on terraria 1.5

Ep 57 - bojangles - Mp3 - 61mb
I forget

Ep 58 - bojangles - Mp3 - 59mb

Ep 59 - bojangles - Mp3 - 95mb
CURRENT EVENTS WUT (the revenge)

Ep 60 - horse penises - Mp3 - 37mb
Wibod schools us in barnyard tactics for equine dominance.

Ep 61 - horse penises THE REVENGE - Mp3 - 55mb
End of the year. Best games/worst games we've played and other ranting.

Ep 62 - horse penises THE ADVENTURE IN TECHNICOLOR - Mp3 - 38mb
wtf is an awp anyway

Ep 63 - 2016 is shit - Mp3 - 48mb
canada is dumb

Ep 64 - wtf - Mp3 - 51mb

Ep 65 - 2017 is also shit - Mp3 - 141mb
cucks 2

Ep 66 - 2017 is still shit - Mp3 - 75mb
cucks 2.69

Ep 67 - 2017 was shit - Mp3 - BILLYmb
im afk for most of it tbh
Ep 68 - 2017 was shit - Mp3 - BILLYBIGmb
lol 2018 is also shit xD
Coffee Hour: THE REVENGE
Real talk about real shit. ... offee-hour
Touch Fluffy Tail ... luffy-tail

Re: Let's Play - Video Media

Posted: Tue May 12, 2015 1:46 pm
by IskatuMesk