NEW SC Campaign - Turmoil of the Stars ACT 1

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NEW SC Campaign - Turmoil of the Stars ACT 1

Post by Marine » Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:14 pm

Hey guys! Been a long time since I was last on here! Was shocked when I remembered my old login and everything. Glad to be back and see this place is still around. Hope ya'll have been great. I remember last time I was on here and was constantly creating new ideas and campaigns but I never could finish them except for my one Legacy of a Warrior. Been having an itch to make something for awhile and I didn't want to post for awhile a half finished product and then lose interest and nothing come of it. Been working on that both in life and on my creativity. I did make a new campaign about a month back called Turmoil of the Stars. It's two parts and it is finished! However I am still testing the second act in its entirety and checking any bugs or triggers that I have noticed but I have just finished testing ACT 1 and I feel it is ready to go out. I wanted to come to this site first and post it because I remembered this place and it was where I got started in the community of custom campaigns for Starcraft and Warcraft.

Just a surmise of my campaign.

Turmoil of the Stars

"The Overmind has been defeated on the planet Aiur. The Zerg Swarm has been scattered and lost without it's master controlling the strings. What Zerg didn't remain on Aiur or Char have scattered across the stars."

"The Dominion has taken seat from the once powerful Confederacy and now grows in strength in an united humanity."

"However peace is not always long lasting, in the far off system of Trinoch, the Dominion has lost any an all contact with the colony planets. Reeling from the battle with both Zerg and the Confederacy, the Dominion has assembled what fleets it can to investigate the strange sudden occurrence. However with limited resources and by the new Emperor's behest, they have hired famed mercenary group the Dragon's Fangs to assist in recon and rescue of the system. A routine mission one might say..."

"With the sudden lost of communication and the reeling from battle... everyone prays it can only be so simple... and not a sign of a new war..."

I've attached ACT 1 and I have tested it and I am pleased, however I welcome your opinions and criticisms. I haven't made anything in about 12 years and this would be my second completed campaign and I would very much like your guys word on it. I am currently finishing ACT 2 testing and I shall release it soon.
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Re: NEW SC Campaign - Turmoil of the Stars ACT 1

Post by Andrea Rosa » Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:39 am

Well, I wasn't here yet when you were active, but welcome back!

For some reason I can't run missions 6 and 8. These two maps can't either be opened with StarEdit or SCMDraft, and if I try to play them in Brood War the following message is displayed: "This scenario is intended for use with a StarCraft expansion set". What am I doing wrong?
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