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Starcraft Vagrants has now been FIXED

Posted: Fri May 01, 2020 9:05 am
by chris
I just figured out how to edit maps in integrated campaigns (campaigns where the maps are built into the mod) and of course I IMMEDIATELY used this newfound skill to fix Vagrants. Mission 6 is no longer impossible to complete after simply reducing the stats of the conclave protoss from 3 to 0 and removing psi storm. The same was done for mission 7 and the zerg AI was also somewhat fixed: It actually moves now but it will ignore enemies until attacked which is a minor bug still remaining but better than doing nothing and spamming the game with spawn error messages. Regardless, these two very simple fixes have had a large impact on the campaign, raising the overall score from 80% to 85% and making it one of the best campaigns I've reviewed so far.

Download it here!